Letter to TPTB

Following in the footsteps of the awesomeness of MaryPickford, I have decided to write TPTB at Days. Hopefully my frustrations on the lack of love scenes and character consistency will work themselves out with the mailing of my letter.  The part in blue is what I sent the soap magazines.  It’s all I can do.

First, I wanted to say that I’m pleased to see on the show that storyline integration is under way and characters are interacting with different groups of people. As a former viewer of Days from the 80s who returned for Steve and Kayla, I think it serves a great purpose in helping fans and viewers of one particular couple possibly become invested in other storylines and characters. For example, the scene where Lucas and Sami spoke to John, Marlena, Bo and Hope was great and well written. Thank you!

However, there is a new issue I have noticed since returning that makes me quite curious. Are love scenes not done anymore on soaps? Since Chelsea and Nick were the most recent couple to finally consummate their relationship I will use them. Blake Berris and Rachel Melvin have a particular strong amount of chemistry with each other and I have grown to really enjoy their kissing scenes no matter what the context. However, a few kisses (though enjoyable) and a rushed “let’s go upstairs” where they have their first time off screen is really unacceptable. What happened to the days of romance where audiences got to watch love scenes unfold with soft lighting and background music? When Nick initially told Chelsea earlier he wanted to wait to make love, I thought we were setting up for a romantic interlude between them with flowers and candles not just put it on hold so he can pressure her later.

This actually leads to another pet peeve of mine. The inconsistent writing of Nick and Chelsea in the last few episodes. Several weeks ago we have Chelsea wanting to make love to Nick who puts her off. Later, we have Nick “pressuring” her but she isn’t ready. Now, I can understand if Chelsea is upset given the Willow obstacle but not because of the Billie situation. If him sleeping with Billie didn’t bother her before when she wanted to make love, why does it bother her now? Also, Chelsea seems to be backtracking on what she felt before and again, not consistent. She tells Nick at the police station she will stand by him whatever happens but now that’s over her words are all forgotten. We aren’t getting much insight into her decisions and a few scenes explaining her motivations would help greatly.

Lastly, I’m getting rather upset with how Nick is being written lately. When he first came to Salem, he was confident, smart, and could get himself out of tricky situations. I’m very much concerned of how Nick is being labeled a “geek” and therefore unworthy of a “hot babe” like Chelsea. Nick Fallon is an original and compelling character and deserves love as much as anyone else. His geekiness should not be seen as a weakness but as a strength. Chelsea a few weeks ago told Hope she was loving Nick not in spite of his geeky side but because of it. However, while Nick was meeting Jett she seemed ashamed of that side. Blake Berris is completely selling Nick anyway they write him and I want to give him top marks for his acting talents. He can capture fun and playful Nick, a snarky and irritated Nick, or a hurt and insecure Nick. These talents make Blake Berris worth more than all the younger male actors of the show put together.

To recap, I see definite improvements to the show such as storyline movement and cast integration. However, I believe there is still more that could be improved especially in the lack of love scenes and we need more romance. Finally, character motivations need to be clearer when rough times are ahead. I think Chelsea and Nick have the potential to be a great long term couple for Days, but they need to move forward and not backwards.

My only real worry is this is going to backfire on me. Probably now I’ll get a love scene between Jett and Chelsea or Jeremy and Stephanie. Ugh!

7 thoughts on “Letter to TPTB

  1. Well, I agree! I don’t watch as much as I should, but soaps are supposed to be escapist and have that romatic feel to them, that Days does seem to be lacking. And come on, Nick and Chelsea have chemistry. Lots of it. They should use it to their advantage.

  2. Great letter, Tripp. I haven’t seen the (not) sex scene today yet but I’m bummed about it already. I never thought Days would drop the ball on love scenes of all things.

    Great point about Chelsea’s complete and utter inconsistency lately. This is similar to the lack of Steve POV to explain his cruelty to Kayla on the mental hospital. I love the angst, but we need motivation explained and a payoff at the end. And part of the payoff is that all important love scene. Did you send this to Hogan and Corday both?

  3. I’m going to send it to both. I keep thinking I may edit it to add Steve’s name as another example of character consistency but I think that was due more to the great stalling of stories and the letter is so freaking long anyway. They are probably going to not read it or just see “more love scenes” and then we get that in the form of Jett and Chelsea.

    As for today, I rewatched it and it’s a pretty good scene if you ignore all the earlier stuff from the episode. I do think RM and BB bring whatever the scene needs and the 60 seconds of kissing along with hand touching is by far more sexier to me than anything the DH’s do to each other. I’m curious to see what you think.

  4. I haven’t seen the episode yet, because I’m waiting for all the (real-life) excitement around here to calm down.
    But I have to say, if anyone thinks that Jett and Chelsea could be a “love” scene, then writing them a letter probably won’t make any kind of impact because that would take months to work up to.

  5. I don’t know. I feel like whole “You’re into Chelsea” is pushed down our throats. What’s funny is, we are only thinking that because everyone is saying it. You watched the scenes with Chelsea and Jett, their flirtation was mild at best. But because they are having Nick, Jeremy and Stephanie going on and on about it, I am pretty sure it’s supposed to make up for lack of chemistry on the actors between each other.

  6. Just found your page and am a huge DOOL fan. Just wanted to add that Nick got more of a love scene with Billie who was a one night stand than with Chelsea who they are a playing as his true love interest! I thought they made a better couple before they actually were a couple.

  7. Welcome Chandra! I was a DOOL fan back in the 80s but returned for Steve and Kayla last summer. Nick and Chelsea hooked me from their first scene together and this really is a great big disappointment.

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