John’s last name should be Eastwood

So watching Days today I again was mesmorized by Drake Hogestyn’s weird smell-the-fart acting throughout his entire performance. Whether he is greeting Anna Dimera (for the first time I would think), forgiving Steve for stealing his kidney, or brandishing a knife to Elvis, his facial expression has been fairly the same in all of them, the muscles in his face tense and tight as they can be and make me wonder if it’s not always painful to hold that look for so long.

While watching him in Steve’s scenes today, it struck me with the way he talked, he was emulating a very well known actor. Clint Eastwood! Am I crazy here? Could Drake and his very inflated ego be thinking John Black is equivalent to one of the greatest action stars to ever live?


The picture* above shows that no matter what the scene he is going to hold that pose, even after sipping from some Irish coffee.


Notice the head cock and the lip slant, that’s so Clint. I bet the man has studied HOURS of Clint Eastwood movies to try to gain the knack.

Am I being too mean? Probably. But Drake did say he wasn’t on Days to have fun. Or to fart around. He has come back to help the show keep from spinning out of control anymore and to ground it! That takes a lot of eyebrow, lip curl and nose stiffening!

*Screen caps courtesy of Days of our Lives 2.

9 thoughts on “John’s last name should be Eastwood

  1. I’m watching my 80’s DVDs seeing scenes of him and Marlena from 1986–scenes I haven’t seen in 20 years. They are actually good together.

    I would say Dee has deteriorated more, between the two, partly because Drake didn’t have as far to fall. He was squinty and smell-the-farty even then, but Marlena was like a completely different character. A nice, reasonable, appealing character. It made a little sad.

  2. You’re right. Dee went down harder because she had further to fall. And she’s the one I am hardest on usually because she was the better actor and her radical decline has to be a personal choice of some sort.

    Drake I have been easier on. I was shocked seeing the 80s clips because I knew he wasn’t a great actor than but he’s tons better than now. I still have been easier on him though because if his more talented costar has been diminishing of course his would go down too. Hell, she probably gives him pointers.

    I was mean in this blog because I am still angry though at Drake’s recent interview. I always said Austin Peck was the worst (popular) actor on Days and shouldn’t have been hired again, but I do begrudgingly admit he has that soap hunk look which is bankable w/o the talent. Drake’s looks, though still good after all these years, is a fifty something hairy male and if he thinks he is going to find another job like he has at Days, he’s nuttier than drug addicted John.

  3. I really don’t know what’s happened to Drake and Dee, either. Because I remember rooting for John and Marlena through most of the 80s and 90s, even (gasp!) when he was paired with Isabella, whom I floved.

    I think sometimes it’s that they feel compelled to remain the forever thirty-something passionate supercouple rather than letting time and experience take them into a different realm, the fifty-something established couple with lives built on more than just sucking face. As actors, too, they know that they’re on the shady side of stardom, especially on soaps, and they seem to be almost desperately trying to prove that they can still bring the supercouple stardom, but it translates into very strange acting choices that are off-putting rather than appealing.

    Compare them to Kristian and Peter, or Mary Beth and Stephen, or individually to Leann or even, bless his orange little soul, Thaao, and they just look all the stranger.

    I have to admit, my immediate thought upon the reintroduction of Anna Dimera to the scene was, “Damn, I bet Dee wishes she wasn’t in this scene.” Because the comparison was…brutal.

  4. I loved John and Isabella. And part of my hatred comes from, here is another total weird admission but not quite as bad as me admitting I liked Jennifer and Emilio, I really liked John and Kristian. This is before Kristian when BSC but I thought there was real chemistry there and though there was with Dee too, I had actually fallen a bit in love with WN’s Roman and wanted him to have a happy ending.
    <i>I have to admit, Paula, my immediate thought upon the reintroduction of Anna Dimera to the scene was, “Damn, I bet Dee wishes she wasn’t in this scene.” Because the comparison was…brutal.</i>
    Actually I think that explains very much why Marlena was all bitchface in the scene. It didn’t really make much sense as Anna doesn’t provide any threat to her yet Dee played it like she had total contempt for the woman. I don’t know the history there but it stood out compared to everyone else.

  5. Oh, I’m glad I’m not the only one who liked John and Kristen too, before it all got so very–odd. I wasn’t watching daily then, but I did remember liking the very start of the romance–when she was a social worker? Is that right?

    The DHe and DHer comparisons from the 80s to now is really astounding I”m glad to have the clips, because today’s Marlena makes me question how I could have floved Original Recipe! Roman and Marlena so much back in the day.

  6. Oh good, another John/Kristian fan. She was a social worker and had a hatred for John which he didn’t understand as he hadn’t met her before. It was revealed later that Stefano had blamed John on ruining her wedding as an assasin to kill her groom (Tony?). Obviously as she got to know John she realized he wasn’t the cruel monster her adopted father made him out to be.

  7. So, I’ve now seen Monday’s episode (O, Canada!), and without spoiling anything, I have to say that Dee is definitely a better actress when she’s not in scenes with Drake. Because her scenes on Monday aren’t strange or self-conscious or gaspy or anything like that. She sounds normal, her acting is more than adequate, and I actually liked her.

    How ironic–her fans are all clamoring for more J & M alone scenes, when that’s when she does her worst work, IMO.

  8. I can see that, Paula. Actually Marlena wasn’t so bad while John was in the coma and she was far, far away from him. And not dreaming of him.

    Likewise, John is better w/o Marlena. I don’t understand how these two can have fans at all. I mean, maybe if they remembered the better years but everything they are showing now is just too hammy and way too overacted.

    LOL, and Paula, when you mentioned Monday’s episode, you were going to talk about something else that happens tomorrow.

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