Soap Opera Controversy

After today’s episode, how can you possibly expect me to talk about it in it’s entirety after I realize my second favorite couple on this show has had sex but didn’t enjoy it?! *SOB*

Okay, I fully admit I knew about this from prevuse on Friday. I also admit I wailed and cried and sobbed and yelled and screamed and stomped immediately. In fact, I believe that was my entire attitude throughout Friday and Saturday and part of Sunday. How could they do this to me? My ship? OMG, Nick? How could they do this to Nick?

However, thanks to Paula who got me today’s clips early, I downloaded BAD SEX 2007 and watched it yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. But then, it’s not making my heart go pitter-patter either. You know, Days has gotten a bad rep in the last few years where young couples were given a “twu luv” status early on and it never disappeared. With couples like Carrie & Austin and Shelle it got to be annoying and heavy-handed. I agree the show needs to break from that tradition right away and give us more realistic relationships.

But why does it have to be my beloved Chelsea and Nick? Don’t get me wrong, Rachel Melvin and Blake Berris are way more than up for the huge challenge this storyline could provide for them, that is if the writing staff can keep it together and not blow it towards the end. I really do like Hogan and he is a HUGE improvement over JER, but his payoffs have not been anything to write in a blog home about and he’s really light on romance and love scenes.

Also, if we wanted to go with teaching lessons on “sex without love”, wouldn’t Stephanie be a better candidate? Her talk to Chelsea today wasn’t as bad as it read on prevuse but if anyone deserves to learn a lesson about “doing the nasty” before you are ready, it sure does seem like it should be her. Instead it’s Chelsea who is chosen. Okay, so another alternative is have her break up with Nick (hell, they were already broken up earlier that day) and later let her sleep with Jett and then be disappointed. Now that is realistic: a girl losing her virginity after a bad breakup and choosing the best looking guy she can find to only be really disappointed. Nope, we don’t get that either.

Many cringe-worthy phrases have been used lightly or often on this show, especially with the younger set and sadly, most especially in relation to Nick. “He’s a geek,” “He’s out of your league”, “He is scrawny,” but there will never be a time would I want to hear Chelsea say, “I blinked and then it was over.” Is that realistic? Um, yea. Do I want that much realism in my soaps? Um, no.

Actually later we find out Chelsea was the one with the problem. She imagined Nick was sleeping with her mom. Sigh, this is precisely why I hated this storyline when I first heard about it. And it was my reason for them waiting to reveal Nick did sleep with Billie after he and Chelsea slept together. Now for the couple to survive we must get past it and, in my way of thinking, the only way that is going to happen is if they actually sit down and talk about it. Nick, though sadly clueless, gave Chelsea plenty of opportunities to come clean about the night before. Instead she lies and prefers, instead, to tell Stephanie. (Who wants to make a bet later Chelsea tells Jett that Nick didn’t rock her world too?) We also find out Chelsea may not really love Nick after all. And naturally this experience seems to have killed her attraction to Nick as well. Great, that’s just…great. One reason I loved Chelsea with Nick was because she did obviously long for him but how can she now?

My way of thinking is if the writers wanted to go in this unusual soap direction, then let’s do this right. I do think Rachel and Blake could pull it off. And it certainly does send the usual soap message if you really love someone and are willing to commit yourself fully, you can overcome anything. Sadly, in what seems to be something Hogan loves to do, especially in regards to Chick, he’s not just letting that be the only obstacle. Nick has become Mr. Insecure, Chelsea isn’t sure if she really does love him and part of her gave herself up to him as a “freebie” (lovely), and finally the supposed attraction Chelsea has for Jett Carver.

This last one is has been really bugging me for awhile now. Ever since Jett has come to town, by the way the most blandest character on the show right now, we have heard nothing but how he and Chelsea are “hot” for each other. Everyone, please say “Yo!” right now if you see any chemistry with this pairing. [Crickets] I thought so. And for some reason the writers seem to think if they keep saying there is something there, the audience will eventually buy it.

Not that Jett isn’t gorgeous (though I do prefer my guys a little less bulky) and though I still don’t trust him (a guy who calls Jeremy Horton his best friend must have some marbles loose) there has been no real evidence to suspect he has anything to do with Jeremy’s shady dealings or an actual bad guy. Still, this story doesn’t need him, not for this. Nick realizing he disappointed Chelsea and then finding ways to work through this can be actually a beautiful story and there is no need for a triangle for them. And though I have made myself clear time and time again on TWoP, hearing the characters all comparing Nick to Jett is as old as a certain hairbrush which, by the way, is like the Michael Myers of inanimate objects. It keeps returning!

So, basically, I still have hope for Chick and that they will work through this. I mean, the chemistry between them? C’mon! They are awesome. And the actors can act! And I think Chelsea is wrong, this couple can be a really “hot” couple and if everyone remembers the door kiss a few months ago, that does scream “sex me up”. Hell, I thought the freaking hand holding the other day was hot!

And before I sign off completely on this episode, just when I think I have seen it all in her regards to her character, how stupid can Billie really be?


4 thoughts on “Soap Opera Controversy

  1. Yes!

    Tripp, your essay gets the heart of what is so wrong with this (to me). It’s just a bad move, love story wise. Now, if this were a couple I weren’t that into I might applaud the ‘realism” as some are doing. But with Chick Hogan had his best opportunity for a totally new love story where he could really do the slow build and wed it to a Chelsea redemption story. Build up the longing, the ache, when you’re falling in love (and lust). C’mon, that’s what soaps are made for.


  2. I have felt from the beginning that Chelsea needed Nick. When she first came to the show, she was a spoiled brat! Nick has helped to humanize her and keep her from being so self-centered. If it weren’t for Nick, Chelsea would be just like Stephanie. I see Jett doing the same thing for Stephanie in the coming months. I really don’t see any potential for him with Chelsea. After all, Stephanie is the one who keeps bringing him up all the time!

  3. Mary: I know what you mean. There was such potential with Chick and a chance to watch a story go from start to finish and really get a true romantic but at the same time more original story (geek, bad girl redemption). And in my wildest dreams, I never expected them to be used in a “realistic” first time. I can think of a 100 other couples I would prefer to see head over this hurdle. My only saving grace now is I’m hoping that Hogan sees Rachel and Blake as having the true acting chops plus chemistry to get through this and come out a viable couple in the end. Yet it’s a hell of a chance to take with them, especially on a show that hasn’t a decent love scene in months.

    Chandra, you are right about what Nick has done for Chelsea. And great point on maybe why Stephanie pushes Chelsea with Jett is to keep him from distracting her own self! I don’t see Jett with anyone yet but I do think there is more potential between him and Stephanie. With Chelsea I just feel it’s forced. I know we are early on their scenes but so far three episodes have devoted themselves to Chelsea/Jett scenes and all it did was make me wish Nick was there instead!

  4. Tripp, you manage to say almost everything I think about this couple but you articulate it all better than i ever could. This storyline has me so frustrated right now and it’s comforting to know that there are intelligent, passionate Days fans out there who are hurting over this, too. Thank you! I can’t give up on Chick yet but if they throw any more obstacles in theirpath you and your wise words may be the only thing that keeps me sane.

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