One Umbrella to Rule them All

Today I have mailed off my second letter in as many weeks to Hogan and just pray it gets through. It’s on my issues with the whole Chelsea/Nick storyline and though I limited my message to one page and tried to remain professional and cordial, I wonder if I just wouldn’t be better off sending in a postcard that said in block letters NICK + CHELSEA = 4EVER!!!

Concentrates on positives.

Let me now talk about another mail campaign I participated in with this show, the idea of integrating the cast into one large story has really worked out. This Dimera feud is really the best story I have seen on Days in a long time. We have all the veterans included. Sami is at the heart and her story between EJ and Lucas is compelling and though not perfect fairly well done. We’ve got Bo and Hope leading the investigation and now Steve has infultrated the Dimansion. How cool is that?

So imagine my delight when I saw Jeremy meeting with EJ! Not that I like Jeremy any better clothed than naked (anyone notice how his hair matched the bars on his sleeve?) I am intrigued even this maddening Touch the Skies storyline has some connection to the main Dimera feud. And now even Nick is partly involved, though in a pathetic way as Kate is blackmailing him to rig the ammio. I’m still hoping my man manages to tell her to stick it and show the integrity he did earlier in his introduction.

Not that there aren’t issues. The fact we have another WTD storyline and again a test at Salem Hospital results in a faulty report. We have Kate still going after Sami and this time really stepping over the line since she is willing to reject her own possible grandchildren. And for some reason the Brady gatherings, the good guys, are no where near as compelling or interesting to watch than the Dimera meetings. Though we can laugh and say it’s because no one ever likes the Brady’s, the fact is there isn’t enough strife or conflict with our “hereoes.” Them being united all the way is fine in real life, but to watch on TV it can be a bit boring.

But there is still great scenes though. Tony and his sheer lack of patience is brillant. EJ torn between his love for his father to the woman he loves is just as compelling, in spite of him suffering from R. E. M. We have Steve, though pretending to be working for the Dimeras, finally being himself and I cannot wait for Kayla to return now. Bo and Hope working together is so cute and adorable I can’t get over myself. Lastly, and certainly not least, we have a lack of John and Marlena together, something I’m thrilled about. In fact, I believe this storyline is doing the one thing I didn’t think possible, pushing Marlena to be a good mother to Sami. I have enjoyed her scenes with Sami this week, and though I roll my eyes at her asking Nick to break confidence and reveal the test results because she is both Sami’s mother AND doctor, the fact is it was done out of concern and love for her daughter. I love she did it.

So this umbrella storyline is really in depth and making me squeal like I did not since The Cruise of Deception. It almost makes up for the lack of romance and the destruction of Chick.

(OT: Thank you MaryPickford for linking people from TWoP to my blog here. I greatly appreciate it.)


11 thoughts on “One Umbrella to Rule them All

  1. I’m also loving the unbrella storyline since it makes every strand of the show crucial and interseting, even the stupid airline stuff. I hate what they’re doing with Nick, Kate and the amnio, though. For the first time since he appeared on the show, I can’t find a way to defend Nick’s actions at all, and that breaks my heart. I’m hoping he’ll find a way to outfox Kate eventually.
    I’m loving Steve. He looks like he’s having so much fun.

  2. I know, they are killing me with Nick stuff. For some reason it’s like “Geek equals weak” and that bugs me. He wasn’t like this until stupid Willow.

  3. Now i’m tempted to send Hogan a postcard that says “Geek Does Not Equal Weak” under a picture of Nick.

  4. I can make you a postcard like that. I have good pics of Blake, Paint Shop Pro and over a decade of experience as a graphic designer, and I’m not afraid to use ’em…

  5. I’m only a part time watcher, but I’d send in that postcard! Tripp needs to promote a ‘GEEK does not equal WEAK’ week! We can get all of the Nick fans to send in postcards deploring how they are wrecking a perfectly good character and promoting the idea that the physical is more important than the mental.

    Or maybe I’m overthinking this. 😛

  6. No, SLynn, you’re not overthinking it. I’m onboard with this campaign. Seeing such a promising character sacrificed for the sake of bland, boring muscleman Jett is making me sick.
    Is this the only way the writers can make Jett interesting?

  7. “One Umbrella to Rule Them All”: hee hee, I love it!

    I would so send a postcard like that. “Geek Does Not Equal Weak.” I have no computer savvy regarding Paint Shop Pro, but maybe I’ll just buy a regular postcard and write that in big block letters.

    People on soaps sometimes do stupid things, it’s part of being in a plot driven genre, but this is beyond regular soap stupid. This is JER level stupid and it needs to stop!

  8. When I earlier posted, I did Geak not equal weak but stupid brackets disappeared thanks to HTML coding. Anyway, I am so up on this.

    Slynn & Artemis: Yes, though I’m hoping out that Chelsea will wind up wanting Nick back later, the message right now is looks over brains. I think their purpose of having Nick look so weak now is because Chelsea has always desired a STRONG man in her life. Now when she was the most into Nick was when he was acting strongest around her. Standing up to her the first time, the Canada trip (sigh), standing up to Dr. Rebert. Chelsea seems to not be so much into rescuing her man out which is a shame. This is probably why Jett attracts her. Jett is seen as a type hero (pilot, formerly in the service) and of course the way he took Nick (drunk) down when he went after him.

    Mary: I will send a postcard too. Probably several. LOL And you are right, I’m not against my favorites making mistakes but Nick has gone way beyond the limit and is starting to compete with Shawn in stupid moves for the year. That is just WRONG!!

  9. Tripp,
    That makes perfect sense. Nick is at his most needy right now and, for once, Chelsea doesn’t need anyone to come to her rescue. Wouldn’t it be great if Chelsea got in way over her head with this shady airline deal and it was up to Nick to save the day? I think Nick would definitely snap out of his downward spiral if he thought his girl was in danger, especially since he’s already so leery of Jett.

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