Big Brother 8 premieres

Okay, I’m not that big of a fan of reality TV. I do like Survivor but the real reason I watch BB is because it’s like the only thing on in the summer. However, as the summer goes along, I do admit over time that I do get caught up in the “game” and the “strategy” and certainly the “back-stabbing”. Last night was the premiere of BB8 and with a friend, I sat down to watch it.

Again, first episodes in reality TV are difficult to really grab you right away. It’s like a pilot for a new show because you have to learn everyone’s names, their backgrounds and relationships. Then there is always the new “twist” the network injected into the show for the new season that will hopefully get your attention. The problem is Big Brother has always done a lousy job of their first episodes to really grab me, at least in my opinion.

Not last night. Best Big Brother premiere ever. Loved the theme this year being stuck in a house with your worst enemy (I always am amazed at how they find these people and know they are literally the last person you want to be stuck in a big brother house with.) There are only 3 couples (anti-couples if you were). Pardon me as I don’t remember everyone’s names, but you have the bittered gay couple (who I hope wind up in the final 2. The look on the other guy’s face when his former lover insisted he caught gonorrhea from him was pricess. TMI, but priceless nevertheless). Then you have the “not that exciting” former best friends who split back in 7th grade. (you heard me). Finally the one I’m most interested is the estranged father/daughter relationship. I didn’t care for Daneille until I saw the horror on her face when her father came into the room. I don’t know much about what estranged much but something tells me that “Dick” (yes he goes by that name) wasn’t exactly a model in fatherhood.

That wasn’t even the biggest twist. The biggest twist is that America gets to write into CBS and they get to help a contestant out by giving them instructions on how to act in the house, who to vote for and what to say to whom. Eric was selected, obviously the only guy not chosen on looks but by smarts, and he seems like someone I would root for anyway. It turns out he makes extra monotary compensation by following our advice as well. No idea how he wound up with this sweet deal but I’m very interested in how this will work.

So the start of a new season, ladies and gentleman! Let’s see what happens!


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