My Latest Theories

Today’s episode’s discussion will no doubt center around the Santos/Colleen scenes and AS and JS playing different roles of a doomed couple to be in love deserves to be discussed! It’s an original story and one I’m very excited in watching get played out on the show.

So I will respect TWoP and not force them to listen to my constant obsession of my beloved Chick couple and put all my speculation and theories here in my blog. Today we had scenes between Nick and Chelsea along with the Jett reveal of his fake fiancee. I’ll get to the latter in a minute. Something occurred to me while watching Chelsea put off Nick, yet again, when he mentioned going to bed.

I can understand it’s extremely awkward for Chelsea to tell Nick the earth didn’t move when they slept together. Though the show for whatever reason is having Chelsea back off her feelings for Nick, I do believe she doesn’t want to hurt him as this news will most obviously crush him. But what if there is, psychologically speaking, more to it? What if, she doesn’t want to tell him because she is afraid Nick will wind up leaving her?

Remember the morning after BAD SEX, she called Stephanie over to ask her opinion. Now, Stephanie gave her advice, most of it bad actually but one thing I sort of glossed over at the time now sticks out in my mind. Forgive me, I’m paraphrasing here:

Chelsea: So if the sex wasn’t good, you would break up with Jeremy?

Stephanie: More like he would break up with me.

Now, at the time I took that to be Hogan setting up how seriously sad and pathetic Stephanie and Jeremy’s relationship is. But what if he had a point for Chelsea to hear this? What if, deep down, Chelsea still believes all guys are the same and thinks Nick will leave her too? Now that puts a whole new spin on Chelsea’s actions doesn’t it? It’s not that Chelsea isn’t interested in fixing this problem between them, it’s that she worries that once he is aware Nick won’t be interested in fixing it. I love this idea so much I want to literally marry it. The way the storyline is being written, I’m beginning to loathe Chelsea because I think she is seeing Nick more out of pity and gratitude than love but this actually places her hesitations back where they belong, protecting her heart.

Not that this solves her sudden newfound attraction to Jett, her “best friend” (I so loved Nick saying that to her!) I am beginning to hope that what she is feeling for Jett, the attraction is merely her sub-concious focusing on the most available guy near her so she doesn’t have to confront Nick and their problems. What do I have to support this? Not much other than the fact that Chelsea didn’t really show interest in Jett until after she slept with Nick and Stephanie insisted there was something between her and the former military guy. Another moment that supports this theory is when Chelsea hesitated telling Nick she loved him, she didn’t think of Jett himself but of Stephanie telling her she had the hots for Jett while not loving Nick. I have to think that is significant. The show could have easily thrown in that horrid hot tub scene to show Chelsea’s “attraction” for Jett but they didn’t. As much as I hate to say it, that would have been a better flashback to use for this “triangle”.

But what if this isn’t really a triangle after all? This is my last theory and it’s a doozy. Can Jett be gay? Why would a guy hire a girl to pretend to be his fiancee, only to then tell Nick that he believes Daniele is cheating on him? Clearly Jett is up to something but what? There are many scenarios out there running around, especially that he is undercover. But give me one logical reason that Jett needed a fake fiancee to be investigating Jeremy and his scam? Also, if Jett is an undercover agent, he’s like the worst one ever! Why wouldn’t he be keeping tabs on Jeremy’s activities? Jeremy is hardly really being all covert in this smuggling thing he’s got going so the fact Jett doesn’t disappear so he can tail Jeremy is either poor establishment for his agent status or that’s not it at all. Besides, I do think Jett is sincere when he sticks up for Jeremy, he sees Jeremy (blindly) as his friend; why make this up?

So the only thing working against Jett being gay is supposedly past scenes indicating Jett is attracted to Chelsea. But can’t all of these little things be explained away as red herrings? Looks Jett gives Chelsea could mean many things. The scene in the hot tub could have been him feeling incredibly uncomfortable. Danielle asking about Chelsea to Jett is probably her asking what is he going to do with Chelsea’s feelings for him rather than the reverse. And his constant compliments to her over and over (which I always felt to be way overboard) were overcompensation in trying to act like an heterosexual guy. I know, I can easily be proven wrong. Has Days ever had a gay character before?

So to recap, these are my following theories which were mainly based on today’s show. There are spoilers out there that neither prove nor disprove what I have set up but I am hoping for the positive which is I’m right.

1. Chelsea doesn’t tell Nick about BAD SEX mainly because she is worried he will want to break up. Her heart refuses to let that happen.

2. Jett is gay.

3. Chelsea, her recent obsession with Jett being merely her sub-conscious forcing her to focus on the more convenient thing and it’s not real after all. (Speculation) With her so intent on telling Jett about cheating Danielle, I’m hoping this will force Jett to tell her he is gay to which the bombshell will open Chelsea’s eyes and let her realize she had no feelings for Jett at all. She then prepares to finally sit down and talk to Nick about EVERYTHING.


6 thoughts on “My Latest Theories

  1. I really like theory #1. It’s really good, much better than the scenarios/excuses that I’ve come up with to explain Chelsea’s apparent insanity.
    The other two theories would be good too.

    I have very little hope that they will come up with something good to explain this, but if they do, I hope it’s something as good as this.

  2. I love theory #1 which of course means it’s not what is happening. But I don’t care, even if the show gives us contrary evidence, I’m still going to believe that Chelsea is dragging her feet in talking to Nick plainly because underneath it all she is worried he will leave.

  3. I like theory #1 too, but also have to agree with the “they’re never actually going to explain this to our satisfaction” view of the world. Which, I guess, means we can theorise away and it will never be disproved…

  4. I want to marry your theory too, Tripp.

    Really, it does make sense. The first time I thought I saw there being anything coming from Chelsea (not Stephanie) about this supposed Jett attraction, was the look on her face when Stephanie left on the morning after the BAD SEX. Steph made some parting shot about pursuing Jett, and Chelsea got this secret smile on her face.

    If they do that, I’ll feel a lot better about this Obstacle #1,472. Though why TPTB feel like Chelsea and Nick need another obstacle is beyond me.

    Regarding whether Jett is gay or undercover (or both! why not?). I lean toward undercover myself, though I agree with your points about not keeping close enough tabs on Jeremy. However, if the show doesn’t want us to know yet, they might not show Jett following Jeremy around. I hope that if he is undercover, there is more to the story than fake designer duds.

    I tend to think they plan to keep Jett around, and on Days that probably means he’s straight, so he can be hooked up with someone down the line.

  5. I know, I admit I only want Jett to be gay so it would work better for the Chick storyline which is so very wrong. And I also admit him being undercover adds way more possibilities of where the story could go. I just want them to hurry up and deal with the Chelsea/Jett thing now so we can move forward in the Chick story. Chelsea is obviously focusing way too much on Jett, whether she is attracted to him or not, and until she sees she’s using the hunky guy to stop dwelling on the problems in her relationship it’s going to get worse and worse I think.

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