The joys of S/K

Well, as many of you know, I came back to Days of our Lives for the return of Steve and Kayla last summer. Lets say the writing for them was underwhelming at the time but the glee of seeing Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols in the original roles I had first seen them….brought such delight I hardly cared.

Now, I have to say the show has sucked me into itself since last summer, especially with the charms of Nick and Chelsea earlier this year to the Dimera mystery and the whole Santos/Colleen relationship. Are there still problems with the writing? Sure. Am I happy with all the stories? No *cough* BAD SEX *cough*. But it gives me great delight to say that there is nothing like seeing Steve and Kayla on screen being playful and compassionate and helpful.

Sure, the last couple of weeks we’ve had only a minor glimpse of them, especially Kayla because MBE was off doing that soap reality TV show (which yes I’m so going to watch now. Not just for her but Blake Berris will be on it!) And then through the weekly episode we get barely one scene where they share a scene together and seriously, it’s like I’m GLUED to the TV to watch them!

Really, I have no other thoughts except to say I love S/K. I love it when they are on. I love it when they are onscreen together playing all flirty and kissy face.  And it makes the show all the better for it. I suppose if I wanted to really get into it, it wouldn’t be hard to get into a nice rant about how Steve just freaking saved EJ’s life and not really much was said about how this man had tortured and made him the latest “pawn” in the Dimera clan. Or maybe Kayla could have mentioned how ironic it was that her husband and friend John managed to save EJ’s life (especially the irony that EJ shot John in cold blood and now John “nearly” shot EJ but by pure accident) but I will refrain. I’m just happy for them to be on my screen within character.


2 thoughts on “The joys of S/K

  1. I started watching Days again because I heard Steve and Kayla were returning. I started writing a blog because so much of the show was so bad that it was hysterically funny.

    Now I watch every single day and parts of it are even good. Nick and Chelsea, for instance. And the best part is that Steve seems to have (finally!) gotten his old personality back. I’m hoping for some Steve and Kayla fun.

  2. Tripp, I agree with everything you said, especially this:

    Really, I have no other thoughts except to say I love S/K. I love it when they are on. I love it when they are onscreen together playing all flirty and kissy face.

    Steve and Kayla, just like Bo and Hope, are great when they’re together, their chemistry doesn’t have to come from the plot or their history, just seeing them together, in character, is enough.

    I love Santeen too. What is it about Ali in that nun habit? I just can’t get enough!

    The hot tub scene totally turned me around on Jeremy. I already liked the actress playing Stephanie, but I thought she was very very effective in that scene, when she was breathing heavily, all backed up against the side of the tub, just shocked.

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