Days catch up midweek

So here we are Wednesday and where are we Days wise?


Steve/Stefano/Andre: How awesome was that moment while Stefano and Tony/Andre were argueing Steve nonchalantly opens the door and climbs into the back seat? Man, I have missed this Steve and it’s so good to see him back! Plus he’s smart! Not smart in theory smart like Nick but really smart where he does research and tests Tony/Andre all the while making wise-cracks. “Let’s cruise for some chicks” will be as priceless to me as “Dude had no pants!”

Brady exposition: Well, usually these scenes can get pretty boring but I think Days did a good job with it. Using mainly Kayla as the person who was asking the questions since she did miss a lot of the Andre years, the flashbacks were used perfectly where I wish we had more.

Bo/Bart/Andre: Okay, I really wanted to just add this because Bo and the gun waving thing yesterday was awesomely hot. Such good stuff there.

Santos/Colleen: speaking Italian: I have no idea if they were getting the diction right or even saying the right words. I don’t care. I loved watching them talk in Italian.

Stephanie/Jeremy: I know. Everyone hates Jeremy and finds him extremely creepy. I am not argueing that. I found when he dunked her head in the hot tub it just upped the truth of how wrong this guy is for her and the revelation for Stephanie soon.


Chelsea/Jett: Well, obviously watching the last few days of nothing but Chelsea/Jett scenes were painful enough but the climax was watching RM attempt the most awkward kiss since Steve and Hope kissed. Everyone talks online how they felt bad and embarrassed for Chelsea. I don’t. Serves her right. I do think Jett was giving mixed signals but they should have put her off from Jett, not make her come on to him! I was hoping this would be the last big moment of Chelsea/Jett scene but I’m sad to say, spoilers don’t support this.

Chelsea/Stephanie: Everyone knows I hated BAD SEX 2007 mainly because it ruins me imagining Chelsea desiring to be with Nick. Well, here is another consequence of it. Stephanie going on and on about how wrong they are for each other and Chelsea listening to her.

No Nick: Someone on TWoP said they missed Nick this week, even with him being all negative and sullen. I agree.

Shawn/Belle/Phillip: *snore*

5 thoughts on “Days catch up midweek

  1. Steve was fabulous. Bo was awesomely hot. The exposition about Andre/Tony was good for people who don’t know anything about the history.

    I can’t say anything about Chelsea/Jett except I hate it.

    Jeremy is a classic abuser. And Steph is a classic abuse victim. All her comments about the hot make-up sex are classic, too. I thought the two of them did a great job in the hot tub scene. I just don’t understand why they decided to waste a Horton on this storyline.

    What I’m wondering is why Max is barely doing anything about it. Granted no one else is doing anything at all, but if he really thought poor Ilsa was that traumatized why didn’t he do more about it? He was pretty easy to distract.

  2. I’m intrigued by putting Stephanie in this type story. It echos her grandmother’s early life which may not be coincidental and whether it’s her parents who help her out of this or not, no doubt she will need them AFTER she finally leaves Jeremy. It also helps me keep from hating her with the insulting Nick comments.

    The reveal of the Ilsa scenes was way too brief and made no sense. It would have made more sense to have Max catch a glimpse of a girl crying near Jeremy but not at the bope house and Jeremy could have said he found her that way. Max should be Shawn’s brother.

  3. This is the part of the week I got up to before HP lured me away again, and I agree with most of your points.

    Except you forgot to add that no one in their mid-50s deserves to look as hot as Steve does in that black t-shirt.

  4. Oh, yes, black tshirt Steve.

    You know what my dream is on the TTS storyline (that you think I’m under some sort of spell for looking forward to now) is that Steve AND Nick team up to help take down Jeremy and whatever he is doing. For the dream to be at fulfillment is for them both to be wearing black!!

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