I knew the bomb was coming even before we watched Rolf stick the device (the bomb?) into the flowers. I read spoilers you see.

I just am relieved we didn’t actually see special effects that showed it going off with Blake Berris slowly being flown through the air. Even when the show had a budget, scenes like this were laughable at best.

So either people love Blake’s performance or hate it seems. I loved it, but then I’m a Nick fan (and Blake’s bitch but I insist I’m unbiased). Maybe if I hadn’t just watched a recent episode of The Office from last season where Dwight was suffering from a minor concussion while working  (he got in a car wreck) and was experiencing severe side effects. The problem is, Dwight is usually so unpleasant to be around no one wanted to be around him long enough to know he was not himself. Pam was the only person to see he was actually a lot nicer but was it enough to sound alarms?

Nope, took an outsider to the company to see “that man in the front row is obviously suffering from signs of a concussion” for it to sink in that Dwight really had hurt himself and needed to go to the hospital.

The question is…now that we know Nick is on his way to Vegas (and naturally the sheer size of the city will not deter him from walking in on Chelsea at the worst possible looking moment) but will Chelsea realize when he does something is seriously wrong with him? Or will she be too caught up in her own world to see anything outside of it?


4 thoughts on “Ka-boom

  1. I thought the writing for Nick was quite refreshing today. Everything he has done lately has been so depressing and there was potential for this to be pretty depressing as well. I really appreciated the light-hearted, comedic tones that BB brought to the table today! He played it brilliantly and at least this time he has a reason for making dumb decisions like hopping a plane to Vegas. He really has no excuse for continuing to fall for Chelsea’s crap (a la the stupid hairbrush- there I said it!) so many times. Hopefully they will finally get these two straightened out soon.

  2. I do think there will be more comedic moments to his upcoming scenes however I hope the show does keep reminding how potentially dangerous this situation is for him. A man with short term amnesia with a serious head wound going to a large unforgiving city like Vegas could get himself into all kinds of horrible trouble.

    In spite of the many different ways this could push Chelsea/Nick further apart, I am looking forward to this week’s scenes. (And next week’s too).

    Many people were upset reading Nick got amnesia because it’s so soap opera cliche, but honestly short term amnesia isn’t and I do think Hogan is writing this plenty authentic. It’s not just a ploy to put off revealing the real father(s) of the twins but a chance to really let Blake to let loose!

  3. “will Chelsea realize when he does something is seriously wrong with him? Or will she be too caught up in her own world to see anything outside of it?”

    Is that a serious question?

    It’s CHELSEA.

    What do you think?

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