Days Funniest Dialogue

Okay, so I feel like I’m stealing this directly from the very awesome site of Serial Drama, but the lines coming out of Nick’s mouth today were seriously cracking me up.

Nick manages to stumble into Jeremy’s weird smuggling thing with Hippie #1, and the latter pulls a gun on him. Jeremy decides to go to bat for his cousin (seriously I’m shocked Jeremy didn’t just tell him to pull the trigger) and convince him to put the gun away. After Hippie #1 leaves, Jeremy looks at Nick incredibly.

Jeremy: Well?

Nick: Fine! Thanks for asking!


Then we have

Nick: She loves me, I’m a sexy guy!

I nearly spit Sprite out all over my coffee table at that.  Yes, Nick, you are a sexy guy and it doesn’t take the “doo rag” on your head to make me think so.

I have to say, I actually liked Jeremy today. Not liked as in, appreciated playing his creepy part well, but liked as in…I think they have great chemistry (stop it, not that way! They are cousins). Their timing was pretty good between them and I also snickered a bit in spite of everything when he called Nick “Geekistein.” For the first time, I can’t help but wish Jeremy won’t die the death of a 1,000 serial killers so he can be redeemed and wind up being snarking buddies with Nick.

I’m not going to talk of the stupid, pointless and ridiculous “banter” between Chelsea and Jett. Paula said it best that its not that they just don’t have chemistry, they have anti-chemistry. Since I find that RM can have chemistry with almost anyone she is around, begrudgingly even her own uncle, I have to place the fault at Marcus Patrick. His performance playing Jett is underwhelming to say the least though we may discover later on it was done on purpose so the audience won’t know the real flaming gay personality inside.  Oh, look, I just talked about it.  Darn!


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