Nick Watch Day 3

Today’s episode on Days of our Lives really fell flat compared to Monday and Tuesday. You have the snoozefest that is Shelle and EJ losing his smarts hanging out with Lumi because he opened that danged briefcase and they all got gassed.

Odd that Touch the Skies storylines was the most entertaining thing on the show today. Still, the best part is Nick and all his lines. The Casablanca remark, the weird duel fest with Jett, and him checking himself out in the mirror he was in rare form.

Chelsea was the probably at her bitchiest today. I can’t believe she is THAT self absorbed that she blinks away his head bandage, the bomb word, and the fact he is acting nuts so she can then accuse him of being “wasted” and following her to Vegas. I am gritting my teeth because I do believe a major bitchslap is coming for her when she learns the truth, I’m just hoping I won’t get disappointed.


3 thoughts on “Nick Watch Day 3

  1. I liked how Philip had to go to his ex-cop, half-sister to find out who’s been phone stalking him instead of looking at his itemized phone bill to realize that the calls were coming from Indianapolis. I swear that the stupidity that is Shelle has rubbed off on him.

  2. Tripp – I’m just hoping you won’t be disappointed, either. What I’m really hoping is that Chelsea will suddenly get her pre-summer personality back and come to her senses.

    It’s depressing. But Nick is an entertaining character, even when he’s concussed and should be in a hospital.

  3. Yea, Phillip was so much smarter than Shelle when he was psycho. It’s a shame characters who are smart get dumbed down.

    And Denise, I hate to tell you but spoilers indicate that Chelsea does NOT follow through with my hopes and Jett remains a big part of Chick’s story.

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