Springer’s in the House!

So I have been waiting weeks for this episode and it’s finally here!  They announced in the press Springer would show up on Days and I had planned on coming up with a witty and timely “Salem heads to the Springer show” type post but I have to admit after watching his scenes with Nick, I would rather talk about that.

Now, the glass eye was quite gross.  But it’s one of those, so OTT things I absolutely loved it!  Seriously, I just hope the next time I go to Vegas I run into a janitor losing his glass eye (luckily he had that eye patch to cover it) and I can snatch it real quick to use for a game of black jack.  “Pete’s” story of how his pappy used it was funny too as were Blake’s facial expressions throughout.  Is it just me or did he look really hot today?  I konw these scenes were shot out of order and just a few weeks ago so they had to go back to character but there seemed to be a different vibe to the writing and their energy.  It also would explain Jeremy suddenly having a hair cut after he walked away from Stephanie in the casino.

Now Chelsea today acted like how I wanted her to act all this time.  I don’t have a problem at all with her bitchiness, this is Chelsea after all and her redemption barely BEGAN to take place 6 months ago.  I hated how lately, especially yesterday, she didn’t seem to show the slightest concern for Nick except maybe at the near beginning.  Her walking away and making fun of him to Jett seemed a low blow, especially when he can’t help the way he is acting, though Chelsea can’t see that right now.  What I needed to see was some evidence that despite her annoyance that Nick is acting crazy, she still cared deeply for him.  I got that today because she couldn’t stay away from him.  She tried to get him away from the blackjack table until he pissed her off enough to make her walk away.  When Stephanie asked her why she cared about Nick (since she insists they are over) Chelsea said one thing but her actions clearly showed the opposite.  Finally she had to find him after losing sight of him.  It’s not much but it can really go so far to us supporting this ship.

Another problem is how she seems to be all caught up in this Jett character who thankfully was MIA in today’s scenes and his name wasn’t mentioned once.  I hate to say he is dragging the TTS story down all by himself but given we had today’s  plot revolve around Chick, Stephanie’s abuse and whatever Jeremy is hiding it was so much more interesting. I know!  I can’t believe I said that about TTS too but seriously I think I might have been more interested in that than the S/K scenes (forgive me!)

Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled with the Steve/Kayla stuff but I’m not on board with them having a baby.  I agree this should be discussed because it is a big chunk of their life but not to the degree of making it take up their entire screentime for an episode.  On the other hand, MB’s smile is so infectious I can’t help but grin along with her, especially since I think a baby is the last thing this show needs.


2 thoughts on “Springer’s in the House!

  1. Hi Shannon,

    I’ve been thinking of ya during all the Nick/Chelsea drama. Chelsea’s selfishness is really bugging me, but I think that in the long run they’re gonna end up back together. I think the stability, security and her youth is scaring her away from her deep feelings for Nick. Of course, by the time she realizes this, Nick will have at least partially moved on. Right now, I just don’t like them together. Chelsea is too selfish and Nick is too insecure – ie they both need to grow up a little. I just hope that at some point they do become a solid couple.

  2. I do think you are right, I just wish they emphasized Chelsea’s selfishness more with other characters noting it. This show has a bad reputation of ignoring a woman’s selfishness (Belle comes to mind) and act like she is perfectly within her right to do whatever she wants.

    What I also need is more determination that Chelsea loves Nick deep down. I finally got that with yesterday’s scenes. Wednesday’s, not so much, and if we are supposed to root for Chick to remain together, its because bottom line they want that too, and if Chelsea doesn’t….then what is the point?

    Thanks for posting, Tompton.

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