Days mid week post

I keep trying to come up with a blog entry about Days for the last few days and I’m finding myself coming up short. Now, I can talk about many many things that I am hating about the show:

1. Chelsea/Jett scenes are atrocious and painful. It’s one thing to watch one day’s worth but three? I’m convinced Corday wants the show canceled.

2. Kate always being Kate. Can the woman at least show some compassion? Is that impossible?

3. Kayla is still stuck in one day a week scenes. It’s too bad as I really was glad to see MBE back from her stint on that reality TV show.

4. Sami’s latest “blink and you miss it” kidnapping. Seriously she is starting to remind me more and more of Marlena everyday and it’s scaring the hell out of me.

On the other hand, the Steve/Stephanie stuff today was fantastic, at least from a SN fan perspective. Though I do enjoy watching SN do the fun loving and playful Steve who likes to make fun of those around him and basically act like the amiable tough guy, it was a nice break to see him get caught up in the moment and be forced to listen to his daughter’s hurtful words. What made them hurtful was they were absolutely true, at least from Steve’s POV.

Steve does not know about Jeremy’s slightly abusive behavior of Stephanie (I say slightly because I’m sure this is just the start) so unlike the audience he can’t be totally sure that Jeremy is really a bad guy any more than Shawn and Caroline were sure that he was a bad guy when he was dating Kayla. To me the whole argument is fascinating. Steve and Kayla have found themselves playing the roles of her parents while Stephanie is Kayla who is insisting Jeremy is a good man. The difference is Stephanie is too young, inexperienced and immature to realize that is just not true, that he is bad news and something shady is going on…not just with his treatment of her but with the airline too.

That isn’t to say the story is perfect. The show certainly did a piss poor job of introducing Jeremy and re-introducing Stephanie. It’s a shame because I read many viewers are FFing their scenes. The next thing that I do feel is a mistake is Jeremy is the son of Mike and Robin. I said before I have no problem that the handsome son of two successful doctors can be an arrogant ass, but making him a psychotic criminal with a rap sheet as long as my arm seems really odd that no one mentions how tragic this happened to the son of two really good people, one of whom is supposed to be a good friend of Kayla’s. Finally, I’m a little worried that the sudden shift of having the TTS storyline front and center so much is that Hogan is getting ready to wrap it quicker than he intended. Again, I smell Corday’s hand in this but I’ll wait and see what happens first. Nevertheless, I really am interested in this storyline after all, in spite of them managing to find two people with possibly even less chemistry than Shelle together in the pairing of Chelsea and Jett.

Before I sign off, watching Nick’s scenes today, I feel like FINALLY we have the real Nick Fallon back. That wave he gave in the elevator made me grin because that reminded me of Nick last November. Hopefully he is here to stay now (did you hear that Chelsea?)

2 thoughts on “Days mid week post

  1. Welcome back Fallonator. He was really was outstanding yesterday. I always love Nick but it’s great to see him be smart, funny and out from under everyone’s thumb.

    I’m also fascinated by the Steve/Kayla/Stephanie stuff. I was really feeling for both Steve and Stephanie yesterday. That poor, delusional little girl.

  2. I love having Nick back too.

    It’s good writing when you can see both sides to an argument, even when one side is obviously right (to the audience). I have really come to appreciate Shelly as Stephanie. Can’t wait to see where they are going with this.

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