Chelsea and Nick, FINALLY

Okay, so after two weeks of episodes of sheer torture watching my favorite couple under the age of 40 on this show, we finally seem to have gotten Chelsea and Nick back to a little more within character. I’m sure it won’t last long.

Nick seems to be himself again and that’s a welcome change, given the writers have been throwing him under the bus to pimp Jett (seriously the stupidest undercover cop on this show, and given the knucklehead moves of the Salem PD, that is saying something.) I would have liked their conversation to have been less on Jett and more on how sorry Chelsea was in Nick losing his job. No matter, it was some great stuff. Chelsea didn’t hesitate to call Nick and though we have China sinisterly waiting in the wings to reveal herself no doubt when Chelsea is back to wanting Nick again, at least I know that no matter how much they try to drown this couple, there is too much chemistry between Blake Berris and Rachel Melvin (and so little with her and Marcus Patrick).

I also would like to point out unashamaedly that Nick launching into statistics about the New Madrid fault to Jeremy was hilarious. Again, it proves even more that Jett is the most incompetant ISA agent since he’s unable to prepare himself with plausible excuses when he foolishly gets caught with his ISA contact who he unsuccessfully attempted to try to pass off as his fiancee. Nick can think fast on his feet and I floved Chelsea’s snickering during this scene. It might have really been Rachel laughing, but I do buy that Chelsea can get charmed when Nick lets his dorky side come out, remember how impressed she was when he was like a geeky James Bond.

And a geeky James Bond will always be preferred over a muscle bound James Boob.

5 thoughts on “Chelsea and Nick, FINALLY

  1. Tripp, I couldn’t agree more. Nick and Chelsea have the chemistry and Chelsea and Jett have no chemistry at all. I haven’t seen the show yet, but I can’t wait. From what I read about this show and the chick scenes, this is the Chelsea and Nick that I want around, not the one from the past couple of weeks.

    I also couldn’t agree more, Jett is the most incompetent ISA agent that I have seen and Danielle isn’t any better, what did they send 2 rookies to Salem to solve this case. Then when Danielle introduced herself to Chelsea on the dock, I think Chelsea knows what the hell your name is, all you have to do is say yes I am an ISA agent also. I mean he has been there for 2 – 3 months and he hasn’t got a clue as to what the hell is going on yet. Oh that is right he is too busy flirting with Chelsea to do his job. Max knows more of what is going on right now then Jett does and Jett is supposed to be the trained agent. Sorry didn’t mean to rant about Jett, but he is just an idiot and once I get talking about idiots I can’t stop.

    Back to Nick and Chelsea, I hope that when this whole torch the sky storyline is over then Nick and Chelesea can start their relationship from the beginning and take it slower, start dating, go to the movies, go on dinner dates, stuff that couples are supposed to do.

    Chick Rules!!!

  2. Nick thinking on his feet was awesome. It made me remember how quickly he came up with the plan to slip the knife into Phillip’s suitcase.

    Welcome back, Nick! Please stick around!

  3. I loved their Canada trip also. I think now they are taking stuff slower. All Nick wanted to do was talk, he didn’t ask her to sleep with him or anything. So this is a start of them getting back together. I don’t think this China thing is going to hurt them, if anything I am hoping it will make their love for each other stronger.

    Oh believe me, I hate Jett right now, can’t he do his own job, without involving a civilian, he guilted her into spying on Stephanie, she is her “friend” and they are cousins also, of course Chelsea would do it. But Nick is going to save the day he will talk to Stephanie and report back to Chelsea on what he finds. Then Chelsea’s hands will be clean and Stephanie doesn’t have to know… Yeah right I don’t believe that either, of course Stephanie is going to find out that Chelsea is spying on her for Jett thru Nick.

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