My Hogan Yearly Recap

Coming off the news that Days is having a basic changing of the guard, getting rid of many at the top level other than Ken Corday and Hogan Sheffer, let me speak about Hogan’s near year running as head writer on Days. During this time the man has gotten some pretty hard accusations labeled at him from fans…including that he hates sex and hates actors.

What do I think of the man? Well, I do think the man is just that…a man. Someone who was given a tremendous job when he first arrived and help heal a show that had been crippled for over a decade with bad writing and bad acting.

So he started writing in early fall and many changes were noticed already. Cast integration and dialogue that didn’t repeat itself within the same episode. It was a miracle! And yet, some stories weren’t perfect (I can think of the S/K/B triangle in particular) but everything was going at a fast pace so we could get through it. In fact you almost got whiplash with how fast he wrote and remember audiences were used to the snail pace of JER who took a whole episode for an actor to leave a scene.

Late winter entered a huge stalling out, which was especially noticeable because from Christmas through January had been so good. Many theorize it was Ken Corday, sticking his nose into the show and trying to see if he can get the same results (ratings) while tinkering with the cast list which sadly affected Hogan’s plots he had presumably spent a long time developing. Promising storylines stalled and we were back into an endless loop which was fairly familiar to JER except with better dialogue.

Summer came along and we appeared back on track with the Dimera feud which was the most interesting story but ran along side the horrifically introduced TTS plot that has wound up being much better than anyone could have guessed but sadly many could care less about now. As summer went on it seems much of the steam from the Dimera story has dissipated and if I didn’t know any better I would think Hogan lost interest. Could it be he has had it wtih the show and Corday’s interfering?

It’s tough to tell. I still like Hogan and think he’s done a fairly good job of improving Days overall. The problem though is I disagree with some of the areas that needed improvement. I am getting desperate for romance and find it sadly lacking on a soap opera. I also am at a loss to why the show never follows up on consequences of storylines. Where are we with Chelsea and Billie? What about Victor now that Shelle has moved into his house? Is Kate going to find out she has another grandchild out there that belongs to Phillip? Why wasn’t Chelsea more upset that Nick was nearly killed in a bomb explosion? Shouldn’t we have a scene with EJ meeting his REAL brother Tony?

I’m hoping that with the arrival of Ed Scott and company, he will address these issues. If the show continues to fail in this regard, well then we know who is the last person still remaining who could affect such a change (I’m looking at you, Ken).


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