Pawn is Gone (BB8 recap)

Haven’t posted about Big Brother in a while. The series is probably the most fascinating I have ever seen it.

Say what you want on Eric but he did embrace his task with Dustin leaving (actually getting nominated) and he managed to turn the whole house. What’s hilarious is Dick is patting his own back for this deed when he wouldn’t have had a chance at all if Eric hadn’t been America’s player. Oh, and I’m so relieved that Eric cut his hair!

Speaking of Eric, so I guess he doesn’t get to tell the jury that he is America’s player. I’m not sure if that is right…I know they might come across bitter that he was chosen for this but it’s like the PERFECT excuse. “Nothing against you, America hated you and wanted me to screw ya!” Hee!

Amber is something. I mean, didn’t y’all love how quickly she turned on those tears when Julie asked her if she had a message for her family. You just know the producers had a bet wtih Julie to see how quickly she could get Amber to cry and my bet is Julie won with less than 2 seconds easy.

What was Jen wearing? That’s okay, I still love her as my number one (which is quite an accomplisment given how much I hated her at the beginning).

I am going to assume the most likely to go up is Jameka and Amber. At this point I want Amber to go so bad I’m going to scream. Jameka gets on my nerves too, but she and Dick look so cute when they do their clapping contest.


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