Days week in Review

So let’s see a recap for the week that is Days of our Lives shall we?

Dimera Feud: Way back in the early part of the week, Hope and a one armed Bo managed to get to the church s they can open the tabernacle with the key retrieved from Bart’s stomach. (I hope they washed it first). Andre beat them to the church but since he didn’t have the key, he hid in plain sight by cross dressing in a nun’s habit (for reasons that really were dropped since he changed back in his clothing after they arrived). After lurking around the church while Bo and Hope argued about opening the holy cannister, he waited until Bo was distracted by another bomb and Hope opened the tabernacle. I have to say Hope kicked butt in this scene as she fought Andre as best as she could but he got away. Bo tried to chase him down but only got a cut for his trouble. The thing I feel is important is this scene is Bo wanted to lie to everyone but Abe and Roman in regards to Andre stealing the folio.

Later, at the hospital, we finally get an Anna scene but she’s stuck listening to Roman act like a jerk. The interesting part was Tony meeting Stefano in the hospital. Stefano did tell Tony all about Andre getting the “contents” out of the tabernacle but he never called it a folio or folder. (Important clue or sloppy writing?)

On Friday we finally get a EJ scene away from Lumi and he meets up with what appears to be Tony. Now, the jury is out because though Tony got some information from Stefano, this person told EJ way too much about what transpired in Ireland. Hilariously though, I do find it OOC for Andre to be chatting up the ladies in the pub. But given what Roman told Anna the day before, I can’t believe she would let Tony out of her sight. I guess only time will tell.

Steve/Kayla: Pocket (aka Tyler) is probably the cutest baby in the history of DOOL. I’m not much of a baby person but this kid is winning the hearts of even the most cynical posters on TWoP so maybe the baby story is going to be great to watch after all. I have high hopes. My favorite part of the week was Stephanie finding them with the baby. Though I have to admit now I am finding the TTS story (and Jeremy) way more likable I have been disappointed in the lack of Stephanie confrontations with her parents. I got rewarded in these scenes and I was really surprised the conflict really was more between Kayla and Stephanie with Steve later trying to keep the peace. This is going to be an awesome story methinks.

Chelsea/Nick: Wow. A whole week of Chelsea being there for Nick. Color me shocked. I know the whole idea that Nick would be really stuck with this woman after being hitched with a concussion is absurd but I have to admit I like China Lee. And given we are getting positive Chelsea/Nick scenes I shan’t complain. I also love that Chelsea finds Nick hot when he stands up for himself (as do I) and seeing her wanting to get him back into bed has been a welcome change. Too bad this is shortlived.

TTS: Jeremy begins to come clean to Stephanie who seems to see through his talk and doesn’t take much of it. Jeremy is surprised but comes clean to Max. I am loving Max for the first time ever in this story, the way he is strong and basically tells Jeremy it’s his way or the highway. I also love him telling Jett off when the idiotic ISA agent tries to intimidate him into talking. It’s so laughable really. Jett has no evidence, in fact at that point he didn’t even know what they were smuggling. I’m proud of Max telling him to shove it, now if Max had a better plan than simply “round up all the girls and save them.”

At least I can almost watch the Jett scenes when he isn’t around Chelsea. I know there is one are Chett supporters out there, you guys are finding my blog through search engines but let me just tell you right now, Marcus Patrick has no chemistry with Rachel Melvin and given RM has scads of chemistry with any of her costars, I say the blame is on Marcus. Sorry but there it is. Comparing his acting to almost anyone on the show and he really is dropping the ball. I’m so confused as to what role he is playing. Is he really into Chelsea? Is he torn up about lying to his once good friend? I don’t get any of that. The actor comes in and simply says his lines and basically “shrugs” a lot. The writing isn’t helping him though as his “anger” at Max making out with Stephanie was so ridiculous since the fact he has evidence and spent months not gathering any is the result of his own fault, not Max’s.

Max and Stephanie in the hot tub is a whole another matter. I’m going to wait and see how this plays out. I honestly hate revisiting the uncle/niece thing and I really do think they are doing this to help Stephanie see what she has with Jeremy isn’t real. If they are going to make Stephanie/Max a long term couple (I really don’t feel that though) they better confront the uncle/niece thing. And I don’t just mean mentioning it once.

Lumi: I am fine with them making out in the hospital bed. I am sure Marlena made out with John while he was comatose so I don’t find this any less appropriate. It’s just I’m rather tired of talking about Lumi (as well as EJami) so let’s just leave it at that.


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