Nick vs Jett Job performance review

Okay, so thanks to today’s show, Jett telling Chelsea that he might lose his job because he blew his cover as well as Chelsea’s reaction to said confession made me angry she didn’t have the same reaction immediately after Nick told her he was fired. So I have decided to do a performance review of both men and compare them.

Employee: Nick Fallon
Company: Salem Hospital
Profession: DNA tech


Single handily found cure to save Kayla Brady Johnson when she was found to be allergic (and dying) from biotoxin anecdote.

Proved bones found over Christmas were the father of Mimi Lockheart.

Helped in the firing of one sexist harrassment jerk who was his boss: Dr. Rebert, making the lab a better place.


Stole hairbrush from lab to protect girlfriend.

Only pretended to run tests on DNA from Samantha Brady’s babies.


Fired (after confessing)


Nick takes full acceptance of his failures. Though she is not fully at fault, his girlfriend Chelsea was certainly responsible for the hairbrush scandel as well as indirectly responsible for the Sami twin fiasco. Instead of letting Chelsea know he was fired because of her, he keeps it to himself until she forces him to admit it. Later when she tries to awkwardly admit her own part, he doesn’t allow her and actually cheers her up about the whole thing, including how his own parents must feel about her.

Employee: Jett Carver
Company: ISA
Profession: undercover agent


Managed to hide behind a curtain and finally heard his suspects discussing their crimes Voided due to item below


After months of investigating current smuggling operation, agent is unable to tell ISA exactly who is involved, what is being smuggled or how much money is passing hands.

Becomes so attracted to coworker, he quickly makes up a fake fiancee but uses his married ISA contact with her REAL name.Unable to come up with viable excuses when caught in compromising situations.

Used his handcuffs while undercover (issue here is not that he used them but he had them at all. It’s a rule that undercover operatives do not carry government regulated equipment).

Told his cover to Chelsea Brady because she said he was a liar!Told his cover to Max Brady and unsuccessfully leaned on him to become a narc (and was rightfully laughed at by M. Brady).

From Above: Though he knew very well that M. Brady accidentally alerted Jeremy Horton that operative might be affiliated with the law, agent was not prepared when main suspect (J. Horton) confronted him some time later.


Inquisition held, pending


Though sheepishly telling his uncle he messed up, he declared to Chelsea that by putting her first, he may lose his job.

6 thoughts on “Nick vs Jett Job performance review

  1. OK, as far as I am concerned Jett is a failure at being an ISA agent and should be fired. Max knows more than Jett does, thanks to Nick asking questions to Stephanie. Then Stephanie talking to Jeremy about Nick’s questions. Then Jeremy confessing all to Max due to all of the above and Jeremy feeling what he think is pressure from the Vegas cops.

    So if anybody should be congratulated for solving this it should be Nick and Chelsea. Chelsea for calling Nick in to help when she didn’t know what to do and Nick for thinking of the Vegas cops asking him questions false report to Stephanie.

  2. Yeah, Jett isn’t winning any prizes on the job front. And I do like your comment about him selecting to make his married contact into his fiance and use her real name: could he be any dumber? Well yes, obviously he can, he can tell Chelsea what he does for a living just because.

  3. Yes, Ken and Zara. Jett is the worst ISA agent ever. Watching his scenes are horrific. I have composed a song to make fun of his agent skills but will wait to post it by itself when he is finally doing investigative work (though it’s at TWoP now).

  4. Oh, a tag! Hee, I hadn’t done that in a while. I’ll have to come up with something.

    And though I hated the name “Jett” when he first came on, it has given us so many wonderful terms to use against him. Jettison, Jetlag, Crop-Duster!

    Though I am at a point where he needs to be off the show, I really now am just putting all my wishes into him being out of Chick’s story!

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