Getting this off my chest

Okay, so today was a big day for DOOL. Finally addressing Lexie as a Dimera and bringing Benjy back made me so happy. But of course, you know what I have to talk about for most of the post…the Chick stuff. I apologize in advance for people who are sick of me emphasizing them so much in my blog. My intention was never to dedicate this site to one ship but I have to write what my heart wants me to.

First and foremost, these scenes was some really angsty stuff and as always Rachel and Blake knocked it out of the park. Many people feel the writers are bipolar in regards to how they write Chelsea (and she herself took the most dramatic 180 degree turn from complete BITCH to putting Nick first; kudoes to RM for pulling that off) but I’m starting to believe that since RM and BB handle these moments so well, the writers purposely keep coming up with random moments for Chelsea to break up with Nick and Nick to beg her not to.

That isn’t to say Chelsea didn’t make good points (eventually) today. Nick has changed for the worse since meeting her and really he needs to understand that she’s the one lucky to have him, not the other way around. What Chelsea said in regards to Nick not giving into her about the hairbrush is what I wished had happened but I’m glad to see she is recognizing this and appears to be taking full responsibility. It also makes me happier that with Chelsea’s admission, the show is finally recognizing it too. (I hilariously believe it’s because of MaryPickford‘s and my letter to TPTB because we are right in regards to Chelsea/Nick on the show).

What bothers me however is as talented as they are and they can make this stuff really work when written well, it’s ANGSTY FIGHT #122 for them. As hurtful as I am to admit it, Chelsea and Nick are not necessarily why people are tuning into Days and though many of these viewers think highly of their acting talents, to them it’s just another tense filled fight between two inexperienced lovers with the only exception being Jett is lurking outside the door ready to take Chelsea out to the beach.

Speaking of Jett, I’ll try not to get into the stupidity of the character but can someone explain to me why he hangs around Chelsea? Many people don’t understand Nick still fighting to remain in Chelsea’s good graces when she treats him so badly but the fact is..this is Nick’s first real girlfriend. Actually, she’s the first girl that has expressed any kind of interest in him as he has made it quite clear in his loveless life most girls used him for his smarts. Chelsea is telling him to a point she has done that too but its understandable that he believes he has the real thing and he isn’t going to let her go easily. Jett? He’s older than these two (very much so actually) and he comes across as being more experienced. As if the other characters on the show can’t get it through to viewers that “Jett is a catch” then reading his bio and descriptions on DOOL publicity announcements should. So why is he hanging about Chelsea who is obviously not over Nick, just using Jett as a rebound and really should be seen as an immature mess to him? It makes no sense and though the show wants us to believe that Jett has these extreme feelings and bond upon first meeting Chelsea, it just seems so out of place given how his character has been set up.

So where do we go from here? Nick and Chelsea are broken up again, honestly forgetting the count. We have Hope probably giving false hope to Nick to fight for Chelsea which on some scale I do want to see happen (as in Kayla constantly fighting a forever resisting Steve back in the day) but mostly I want him to get his life together first and realize that as much as he has done for her, he should be seen as “the man of her dreams” (man, that part killed me!). That said, I worry the longer this takes him, the longer we have of Jett and Chelsea together and the possibility of them getting closer and closer and it will be too late for Chelsea and Nick to finally work things out.

Man, when Hogan called them a “tragic love story” he wasn’t kidding!


5 thoughts on “Getting this off my chest

  1. Hey there.

    Chick brought me almost as much tummy angst as old school S and K. That’s saying a lot.

    I wonder if Hogan expected them to take off as well as they did. I hope this is just a temporary detour, and we get some eyesnogging and longing.

    You know, I’m not as attached to Chick as I know you are, but I really detest Jett. I wouldn’t mind the triangle so much if, you know, he was really worthy as an actor, let alone a character.

  2. I loathe Jett but that is obvious. I do have to admit, part of me is happy there is no chemistry between him and Chelsea as I believe the “good guy nerd” redeem “bad girl bitch” is such an original story, especially on soaps and would hate for said geek to lose the girl to the first good looking hunk that came along.

    Thankfully, no worries on that (in fact I believe the horrible chemistry of them had made former Chick bashers reform into Chick supporters.)

  3. Yes, we’re running this show, Tripp!

    I was VERY pleasantly surprised at how the show acknowledged a lot of the things we’ve been complaining and fanwanking about. The “leaping from crisis to crisis” line, the “one minute we’re together, the next we’re not” line, the pinpointing of the hairbrush theft as the moment when Nick began his downward slide, Chelsea taking responsibility (sortof), the use of Jett as a foil for Nick instead of the new hot guy in town.

    Episodes like this make me begin to believe again in Chick as a romantic story. But it also makes me so regretful that the other ten breakups were better handled, because like you said all the different breakups water this one down–and this one was really how it should have been done from the beginning.

  4. Well I could edit it….but I suppose I’d have to know exactly what you meant. 🙂

    Though I still wish BAD SEX were rectified, I’m fine with Chick remaining broken up as long as we can watch them return to each other properly…eye snogging, longing, and hopefully a few snarky fights thrown in for fun. And a few moments where they find themselves physically close to each other and wind up giving in temporarily and make out.

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