Speaking out on Rumors

Before I get into my blog today, let me first ask how people like my new blog style. Anyone like it? Thanks, I like it too.

It seems that there are fans going nuts about rumors circulating over the possible departure of one very well known (but hardly respected) actor on Days of our Lives. Magazines, even gossip mags, are throwing out the possibility that Drake is not going to be long for the show and will be (at the latest) leaving in December at the end of his contract (or sooner).

For the record, both main magazines, Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly are reporting Drake is not leaving the show anytime soon and plans to renew his contract. Furthermore, other rumors abound that his character will be part of a large story in the fall. On the other hand, more gossip comes out that Dee Hall isn’t going to be sticking around either but her camp has been painfully quiet on the subject.

So could it be true? Could both DHs be leaving? Since coming back from their long summer hiatus, Hogan has not written much for either of them except for a few OTT and cheesy scenes that should be forgotten immediately. Drake and Dee make the most money on the show and given the show hasn’t been writing for them as of late, what’s the point of paying their salaries simply to gasp over letters once every other week?

Fans say they need their own story complete with John being the hero and Marlena being the heroine, the whole show should revolve around them and allow them to shine. Naturally the very idea of that happening would require much “fart acting” and airgasms that would no doubt sink the show back into the world of absurd and delusional storytelling. Don’t believe me? Watch this.

The truth of the matter is, the DHs have been unable to act in realistic (well as realistic as soaps can be) styles for years. Hogan, though light on romance, has improved the plots on Days a good deal and if it’s a question of keeping Hogan and letting the DH’s go, I’m certainly all for that. Their departure would free up budgets so much that maybe we can have bedroom sets back, a few more younger actors in the much needed young thirtysomething range as well as letting the others veterans shine on a more daily basis. Perhaps we can have gatherings again on the show, a large gala style party where a mystery either begins or ends and the purse strings loosen enough to allow dressing for the occasion. And certainly no falling back on fans to send in decorative furnishings.

So will their absense hurt the show? Really I doubt it. The DHs were gone last summer with no impact on the ratings or longterm impact on their return. The fans of this couple are honestly proud they do not watch the show when they are missing and even when they do appear they insist they FF or simply download their clips. If I was TPTB, I’d cut them loose. Also, Drake has made it clear over and over again he wants out. He announced so at the big Days event this summer. He made some very belittling comments about his costars in an interview then insisted he was the savior of the show in another. I used to love Drake because with the exception of his bad acting, I thought he was a real guy with heart. Now it seems hanging out with Deidre Hall has inflated his ego’s the size of hers (and though I do think her acting has dived in the last decade, I do admit she at least had talent in the 80s and early 90s.)

So if new producer, Ed Scott, can manage to cut either or both of the DHs loose, I will support him as I do agree it’s the best thing for the show. However, until then, I’m not holding my breath.


7 thoughts on “Speaking out on Rumors

  1. First, I do like the new look. Very clean. And sharp.

    As for the DH’s, I haven’t been paying attention to the rumours, but at this point their departure couldn’t exactly come as a shock given their very limited air time over the last 12 months. And, as you say, I’m not sure it would make that much of an impact other than in a positive way. Have them sail off into the sunset, that would be respectful, but still have them disappear, free to return at Christmas if they so wish.

  2. Thanks, I did the header myself (kind of obvious probably).

    I agree if both leave then write them off easily, sailing into the sunset on one last giant GASP. However, if it’s only John, seriously I say take advantage of this Dimera war and write him off early (his contract ends in December). I think his death could make a nice deserving exit for the great John Black (while leaving it open for him to return of course since it would be a soap death) and even his fans would get a chance to see him die in an excellent hero type way.

  3. I like your new look, too, Tripp!

    I hate to say it, mostly because my mom is a fan, but I would be happy to see both DHes go. I have liked them both in the past. In fact, I used to be a Marlena fan—I watched Dee Hall as Electrawoman!

    But now, their acting has deteriorated to a few tics, repeated over and over. Their salaries must be enormous. We have two other supercouples in the same age range who are at least as popular. And is there anything John and Marlena haven’t done? Not to mention their fans, we are impossible to please.

    Let them go.

  4. I said on TWoP how people who have gotten out of the habit of watching DOOL still remember Dee Hall (and even Drake but usually as Roman) and are taken aback when I, ahem, go off on her acting skills. I was actually accused by one friend of being an ageist which ticked me off. I told her how old SN and MBE was and they were the best actors on the show, in fact, the reason I came back. Sigh.

    So you watched her as Electrawoman? Man, isn’t it amazing how much we cop to watching anything now! 😉

  5. Yup, I’ll cop to it! I was around four years old which must be my excuse. But I have to admit that I think that might be part of the reason Days grabbed my attention! “Look, Mommy! It’s Electrawoman!”

  6. Great new look! I like it.

    I wouldn’t miss the DHs at all. I really liked them back in the 80s. They weren’t my favorites, but they were always fun. Now, I just hope there won’t be any gasping or windgasms.

    I recently read an editorial which suggested that they were coming back for a great fall storyline, and how great that’s going to be because Marluna is such a great actress and “never gets clownish like some of the younger crowd”. And how much DH and DH have been missed. I haven’t missed them at all and I cannot think of anyone more clownish on this show. Or on any other show I watch.

    On the other hand, if they wrote a storyline that was entertaining and didn’t allow any gasping, airgasms or touching at all, I’d be okay with that.

  7. MaryPickford, age is not a reasonable excuse. I expect even at your young age you could have picked out Dee’s shortcomings even then…”But mommy, why does she gasp so?”

    Densie, I missed out on DH in the 80s but I did like Drake a lot more (though I never took him for a good actor). What’s funny is looking back at those classic clips, Drake did a much better job of acting back then as opposed to now and it’s weird that even bad actors can slip even more and get worse.

    I also would be okay if they could find them to be reasonable age appropriate in scenes when together but that never happens. Given Ed Scott’s recent remarks on how actors on this show haven’t had any kind of direction (which is so sad), my guess is the DHs refuse acting direction and that may be the real start to their downfall on the show.

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