Big Brother…Final Four

So we are down to the final four and it’s Dick, Danielle, Zack and Jameka. I’m not that surprised the Ds made it this far. As estranged as they were, nothing can inspire the one to let go of grudges then pure greed.  Winning $500K  certainly made them both wake up and realize real quick they had huge advantage in a way the other houseguests didn’t have, even the ones who also had thier great enemies marching into the house.  Blood is thicker than water (and I imagine Dick’s is probably looks like oil).

So Zack won HoH again but this time finally grew a pair and did what he should have done last time; Dick and Danielle are on the block. As we expected, Dick and Danielle accepted the nomination as gracefully and respectfully as we expected. Say what you want about Jameka, Jen, and Kail but these women at least handled multiple nominationes, sometimes back to back, more maturely than any of the Ds could do.

Now Zack is getting blasted my multiple blogs for putting up the Ds this time, instead he should have tried to backdoor one. Not sure how that would have necessarily guaranteed him anything either. Everyone gets to compete for the Veto so if they can easily win the veto while on the block the same can be said while off the block.  The point is whoever is not nominated is the one who gets to make the decision on who to send home. It would be awesome if it was Jameka, virtually powerless in this game up until now and who could very well wind up sending one of her arch enemies home.  If that were to happen, I’m sure Dick and Danielle will accept the eviction as gracefully and respectfully as they have of their nominations.

I am really shocked we still have not seen scenes with the sequester house and the rumors are certainly going around. Did Jen walk away and does that mean we could actually have an even vote this year? Or are they keeping people separated because it turns out one of the reporters let it slip that Eric was America’s player. Speaking of Eric, is his vote in the jury his own vote or do we get to make that decision for him? Hmmm, so many questions.


One thought on “Big Brother…Final Four

  1. Ok, I am seriously ROFL at the comment about Dick’s blood being more like oil 😀 I have had the opinion for a while that Dick and Daniele don’t really seem all that estranged and I wonder if it was just a ploy. For some reason, I just don’t buy it. Who is she going to hug first when she gets out of the house…Nick or her RL boyfriend? Zach is just an idiot, he should’ve used the previous chances he had to get one of them out, his chances would’ve been so much better against Eric. I don’t want him to win because I just don’t like him, he creeps me out. Jameka hasn’t really done much strategically in the game, her remaining is just pure luck for her. Daniele just seems to selfish and immature to know what to do with that amount of money. Dick, as much as I despise his behavior and don’t think it should be rewarded with a win, at least says he wants to use some of the money to send both of his kids back to school, which is commendable, then he will help some other family members. He also thinks he is going to be in POC 4 when he leaves the house…that remains to be seen. It stinks that I don’t want any of them to win. I don’t know what to think about the jury house, it could be any number of things…guess we’ll wait and see.

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