D&D with some Jett

Yup, Dick won HoH and Zack was evicted from the house last night. It astounds me that Dick…who has poured his drink on someone and burned that same someone with his cigarettes, made verbal physical threats as well as SEXUAL threats but was not only allowed to remain on the show but given a free pass by “America” when they would text in their votes for Eric to target. I realize that maybe not everyone knows what happens in the house when it doesn’t make it on the air, but I have to believe that at least 75% of Big Brother fans at least check out the feeds and gossip online from time to time, should have at least heard about this behavior. Sigh.

So now I do hope Danielle wins. Not because she’s that much of a better person or that she needs the money…but I do give her a little slack for being so young and for obviously freaking growing up with Dick as a father, even if he didn’t exactly raise her. Hopefully she can take the money and break ties with her father and manage to grow up and mature into a real adult and break this family pattern.

Meanwhile in Days news, we are still waiting to hear confirmation if Marcus Patrick is fired. Not to wish anyone to lose their jobs…but after now his statements at his MySpace page, as well as his official website…and his invitations for people to come see him strip at a local club in LA (so that he can apparently use his flesh to help heal the world) I’m more ready for him to leave now more than ever. But in case we have forgotten the bad acting he did last week, here is what I believe is his best scene:


It’s his best work so far on the show.


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