Days This Week

A fairly exciting week on Days. I’m so sick of the EJ/Sami/Lucas thing that’s all I’m devoting to the topic here.

I’m a Nick fan so watching the rest of his generation on this show have exciting storylines jumping out of planes and getting shot, I’m not exactly crazy he’s stuck babysitting. However, I can’t help but simply love him with the kids, and it says a lot about my devotion to the character if I can still find Blake Berris hot while wearing these glasses. (Does anyone remember he used to wear glasses?)


Meanwhile, I’m really liking Kate lately. That hasn’t happened in…well ever. Watching her show jealousy and snark with Anna was just simply delightful and I’m ashamed to admit when imagining Leann Hunley sharing scenes with any of the characters on the show, Kate Roberts completely skipped my mind. Also? Though Roman Brady played by the unmoving (literally) Josh Taylor is painful to watch…the actor has really been injecting a lot of energy lately (as one can only tell by his body since the face just doesn’t move). I like the fact that Kate and Anna traded insults because of HIM which is really a nice gesture given the poor guy’s “great love” on the show threw him over for John Black whom she knew as Roman for less than a year and isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in Salem. But he’s prettier and that’s what counts in Marlena’s world it seems (as she so eloquently put it, “Have you seen my husband?”)

But I do have a rant…could Kate and Belle not have taken Andre out after Kate knocked him to the floor? Isn’t this a restaurant with silverware on every table? Even if knives weren’t so readily available I would have loved to see Kate and Belle tag team Andre with forks and spoons. Lastly, looking at the following screen cap:


does it not look like Andre is holding the knife on himself?


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