Slow week but good Chick!

So this week we’ve had a lot of focus on Shelle. I was confused earlier this week to Belle’s reaction of Phillip asking her to dinner…is she really that shocked that he still is holding a torch for her? I suppose you could argue that after being in a near death experience (in a freezer where they immediately go to work on a bomb w/o waiting a couple of hours to see if help would come but whatever) she is shaken out of her rosy world and into reality and now sees Phillip’s intentions towards her are more than just friendship.

Later, in OMG what are they doing news…Shawn gets a badge! Well, a training badge but he can officially go to work for the Salem PD. Wow, it’s like law enforcement on this show is scraping bottom isn’t it? Also, will someone remind me how Lexie and Shawn are such good friends? Additionally how does Lexie have all this time to hang out with everyone and be their sounding board to whatever problem they are having? Oh, right she doesn’t have a job. Still, you would think she’d have some errands or want to spend quality time with Theo since being gone most of this year. I half expect Lexie to wander into Sami’s hospital room and play devil’s advocate for EJ (which is sadly obvious that is where the show is going).

OMG, are they going there news…So they have poisoned Pocket? Wow, the writers mean business if a helpless (but adorable) baby is in danger. OTOH it’s not quite determined if Steve just forgot to wash his hands while handling the baby. (Actually, that would be something I would worry too). However, I know I have earned my place in hell because upon hearing Pocket’s stomach was pumped, I had an image of someone turning a jacket pocket inside out. Man, I wish they would find a better name for this kid.

And finally in OMG, I still love them news…Chelsea and Nick these last two days have been just what I had hoped for. Obviously little Jett talk (thank God) but it’s also because RM and BB can really handle the complicated history this couple has. They’ve had BAD SEX, insecurity issues, Billie!sex, and mistaken identities and that is just the beginning. Before China showed up, Chelsea seemed to let those smiles out as if by accident, like she forgot to remember to hold back her feelings for Nick. Later while speaking to China together, I noticed that Chelsea looped her arm unconsciously around Nick’s when China began to talk directly to Nick in an affectionate manner. It’s little moments like this that make me love this couple and will always root for them, even if WCS actually happens (which I won’t dare write here).


3 thoughts on “Slow week but good Chick!

  1. Hee, that Andre picture is great, Tripp.

    I agree that the Chick scenes we’ve gotten have been great this week. I definitely want to see some angst and longing too, especially on Chelsea’s part.

    I liked that they didn’t immediately confirm or deny that it was the DiMeras poisoning Pocket. I think the show is keeping as in suspense a bit more lately, which is a good thing.

  2. “training badge”

    Why am I picturing one of those gold star stickers that the police hand out at community events to children? Oh, that’s right. Because it’s Shawn. 😛

  3. Oh, MaryP, we are do for some longing for Nick from Chelsea and I’m not sure if it’s coming. Sigh.

    I also agree that waiting on blaming the poisoning on Pocket is a smart idea.

    Yes, Slynn, Shawn is like a real man now with his play badge.

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