Jett’s Screwups

Aggghhh. Were you aware that viewers online are harping that Jett is getting a raw deal for being fired from the ISA and not able to head to the Salem PD? Okay, so Shawn was hired through his dad and yes…let’s expect 1) Shawn to make stupid choices 2) Screw up several times and 3) Wonder how this affects him supporting his family. However, Shawn is not someone who has previously been in law enforcement and therefore is going to be hired in as a trainee unless he has a criminal record. (That said, I recommend not making him a traffic cop given his driving record). As for Jett, the Salem PD would be fools not to look at the reasons why Jett was fired and let’s face it…there are so many!

1. For weeks since arriving in Salem, he does no hint of investigating Jeremy even though he has access to the jet, the hangar and personal around the plane. Instead he hangs out in the hot tub with Chelsea flashing his abs.

2. He apparently feels such an intense chemistry to Chelsea that he must make up a fake fiancee and asks his ISA contact to pose for him.

3. It never dawns on him that with Danielle using her REAL NAME, Chelsea might look her up and by simply doing an Internet search, they find all too quickly that she is already married.  It should come as no surprise that he is speechless when Chelsea figures out Danielle isn’t really his fiancee.

4. Jett asks Max to watch Jeremy and report back to him any suspicious activity.

5. Once Max tells Jett of running into Ilsa who was acting extraordinary suspicious and something obviously sinister was going on, Jett does…nothing.

6. Then Max sees Ilsa in Vegas. He informs Jett. Jett does…nothing. Just tells Max to follow Ilsa and report back to him.

7. Max does not return with them to Salem (he is beaten up by some of Rawlings men) and Jett doesn’t even look into the matter. (“Hmmm, wonder where Max is? Last time I saw him, he said he was going to confront Jeremy and Ilsa and find out just what the hell is going on.”)

8. Meeting up with his ISA contact who is known as his former fiancee, Jett brilliantly arranges to meet her at the Brady pub never believing that he’d see someone he knows there, even though three people with close ties to TTS are Brady’s.

9. Upon seeing Chelsea, Jett can offer no reasonable explanation of why he would be meeting Danielle again. (“We need to settle some things,” “Can you believe she just showed up”, “She hocked the engagement ring I gave her and is giving me money”)

10. Then he decides to outright TELL Chelsea he is ISA, as well as inform her of the whole investigation.

11. Jett asks Chelsea to talk to Stephanie and report back to him. (Does he not do any investigating?)

12. Without any knowledge of what is actually going on (and therefor no charges can be filed) Jett tries to bully Max into making a deal (as Jett of course spills the beans he is ISA). Max rightfully tells him to get lost.

13. Jett’s only moment of “investigating” was listening in on Max and Jeremy talk after landing in Vegas. Later on, he’s unable to come up with an excuse to Jeremy as to what Max said about him being connected to the law even though he actually heard Max mention it and Jeremy freak out about it!

14. While Jeremy is literally running around nuts with Max trying to gather up lost hookers, Jett decides to go dancing with Chelsea.

15. Jeremy tries to come clean to Jett and tells him he wants to deal. THE MAN TURNS HIM DOWN and says to deal with it. Why? Jett’s going to the beach.

16. Finally comes down for the big STING! It’s really going to happen! And it’s top secret! Jett tells Max about it though.

17. Then he tells Chelsea in the middle of the plane surrounded by bored strangers who are staring at her because she hasn’t gotten their drinks yet.

18. Chelsea informs Jett that Jeremy is planning to run as soon as they touch down. Jett figures Stephanie can simply talk him out of it.

19. In the casino, Jett isn’t sure what to do about Jeremy running. He tells Max and Stephanie to go to the plane with the hookers and wait for him (now remember, Jett has not made any effort to personally talk to Ilsa or the hookers himself. At all. Sure they fooled Max and Stephanie and Jeremy but Jett could have been a little suspicious and attempted to make sure they were on the up and up). Rawlings and the hookers turn on Max and Stephanie and push them out of a plane.

20. With literally all hell breaking loose around him and he really needing to go find his fellow ISA agents so they locate Rawlings, Jett attempts to kiss Chelsea because there is always time for that. Thankfully Rawlings does shoot him in the back.

And that’s that folks. I’m sure there are more moments I have forgotten. It’s beyond me to wonder how anyone can call Jett “smart” including Abe and Chelsea but there you have it. Judge for yourself.


4 thoughts on “Jett’s Screwups

  1. Wow. When you lay it all out there like that, he couldn’t look any worse. And I already thought he was a worthless character who totally sucks as an ISA agent.

    Jett is a tool. And he’s stinking up my show. Help! Someone please send him far, far away.

  2. Whatever Jett’s many, many failings, why do I have the sneaking suspicion that your list of job screw-ups is going to be taken by someone as a challenge to see if they can make Cop Shawn wrack up a list that’s worse?

    Not that that wouldn’t be amusing, of course.

  3. Yes, MaryKay, that’s why I had to list them all. If you think of one or two you simply roll your eyes but looking at all of them it just boggles the mind!

    And Zara, Shawn is going to screw up but even the SalemPD are not going to put rookie Shawn out there on his own to do a case by himself.

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