Survivor: China

So we’ve had the premiere of Survivor China. I usually have a love/hate relationship with the first episode of Survivor. I hate how so much is packed into one hour long episode for us to try and digest: the location, the theme/culture, introductions of the survivors themselves and of course the first person voted off.

The Location

Color me surprised that we finally appear to be getting a new “look” to the show. Instead of regular jungle, we have bamboo jungle. Instead of beaches on the ocean, we have beaches on a lake. Now that sounds like I am making fun (which is my natural instinct) but it really has a different feel to it.

The Culture

Ahhh, China. Apparently they are located near a Chinese (not that really ancient) Buddhist temple which I’m sure they will be featuring in many upcoming episodes. I have to say a part of me is jealous that the survivors, even the one voted off first, gets to experience a culture right from the beginning of the game. Usually they just push these guys off a boat and tell them to start paddling but instead they got to walk around the local atmosphere and experience a new culture right from the beginning.

The Survivors

Okay, this is when I hate seeing the new episode. One never has time to learn everyone on the show and sometimes first impressions are misleading. I will focus on the people that grabbed my attention:

Jean-Robert-My first impression is he must be the worst poker player in the history of the game unless it’s common for players to literally call out another player when he believes him to be bluffing.

Courtney-Already hate her. Of course, acting like participating with everyone in a welcoming ceremony was the lamest thing ever was incredibly disrespectful, but what got me is her dissing Sunday School teachers and flight attendants as if her job as “waitress” enlightens her to a state of higher being I’m not aware of. I may have to begin doing a count everytime she uses the word “like”.

Leslie-Okay, the Buddhist ceremony didn’t bother me as a Christian but I totally respected her decision to leave (which I believe Courtney should have done too) and I actually find her likable.

James-I wondered if we would get to hear him. I cracked up as he simply said he buried people as a job. He may be quiet but he sounds like he has a real dry sense of humor so I like him so far.

Todd-I think I like him but have to crack up at being labeled as a “gay Mormon.” I bet the Mormons are thrilled.

Chicken-I wanted to like him. I really did but I lost all respect for him when he chose to call himself Chicken (presumably because he is a chicken farmer and not because he’s, well, yellow.) I am not saying he shouldn’t be proud of what he does for a living, but I doubt a cattle rancher would ask you to call him “cow” or a goat farmer would ask to be called “goat”.

Tribal Council

Sometimes I wish CBS would allow Survivor to have one additional episode and no one would be voted off yet just so we can have more time getting to know more people and hopefully then care more when someone is voted off. I had a feeling Chicken would go home and now I bet he wishes he might have gone ahead and told the little morons what they were doing wrong all along!


One thought on “Survivor: China

  1. I really have to catch up on your blog! 🙂

    James, I liked as soon as we got to meet him. I thought, given his level of buff-ness, he was going to be one of those thousand of gym-rats we get on this show and I was thrilled he wasn’t.

    Leslie, we’ve talked about. I like her. I think she’s pretty genuine and I respect her decision to leave the ceramony. I’ll say no more. 😛

    Courntey is the only one I hate with a firey passion. I have a feeling Frosti is like Ozzy 2.0, except less of a pain. I never liked Ozzy, I already like Frosti.

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