Back with a bang!

So after what seemed like an especially long summer, Heroes returned last night with an episode that picked up…

Four months later? Are they serious? Sigh. Well, leave it to typical primetime formula to skip all the exposition material and simply send us into an episode where the characters appear to be settled into their life.

I think the most interesting “new storyline” for this week is what will happen to Mr. Nakarama and Mrs. Petrelli and why. Okay, so Mr. N has already met his fate, and the face of his attacker was hidden to the audience. He and Angela mentioned it was probably one of the “nine” which means initially there were twelve? (If you count Linderman, Mr. Petrelli and and Simone’s father). I’m really intrigued by this story.

Not sure how I feel about Hiro’s plot on dealing with the real Takezo Kensie who isn’t quite the hero that our own present day Hiro imagined him. Are we going to be forced into watching Hiro whip this guy into the man he needs him to be? Or is he going to take over the duties himself? More importantly, when is he going to return to our time?

Let’s hear it for the happiness that is Matt. He divorced Janice! Woo Hoo! Now if Audrey would come back. But never mind, Matt really seems to be taking true control of his powers and has made a life for him and Molly in NY while living in Mohinder’s apartment. My onlnie friend, Slynn, would be upset with me admitting that Matt was getting on my nerves big time at the end of the season.  Now he’s back to what I want him to be like and I am loving it.  Speaking of Mohinder, I read a slight spoiler that said he was going to have balls this season and we’ve seen the first evidence of that.

Claire at school was really the only thing I have to complain about. If it’s four months later, that would put the timeline to March but the episode gives the illusion it’s the beginning of the year (or at least semester). So far I like the new guy with her. I’m sure we will be seeing more of him. I had to shake my head a little in sorrow to see where Bennett wound up, until he twisted the fingers nearly off his jerk manager. Sigh, how I wish I had that luxury in my life.

The Nathan scenes towards the end really freaked me out. What was with his disformed figure in the mirror?

Lastly, they of course waited to reveal Peter chained in a trailer at the end with amnesia. Looking especially forward to what’s been going on with him!!

One thought on “Back with a bang!

  1. I will be the first to say that Matt Parkman was getting on my nerves as well all of last season. I’m *hoping* that from premiere this season, we’ll see a slightly better version of this character as I really do adore Greg Grunberg and hate to see his character hated. 😛

    But really, Mohinder playing tough still makes me laugh. I’m sorry, Mohinder, once you’ve worn the fugly scarf and pink sweater… um… no. The resident badass will always be Niki/Jessica and Noah Bennet.

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