Okay, so Sami shot Lucas. She had a choice. She could have shot EJ. The man that raped her. And shot her step dad. And tormented her and her family for months. He also blinks alot. But never mind that, she needs him to end the vendetta.

Yes, I know it wasn’t like she meant how this came out. Andre tricked her into shooting Lucas but seriously why must we watch Sami agonize over this choice?   Anyone watch Firefly? There is this awesome moment in the series where Zoey..who is married to the pilot of the ship but has known (and served under) the Captain for much forced to “choose” between her husband or her best friend/boss. Now…I just really oversimplified the whole context of the situation but what was so hilariously shocking was Zoey didn’t hesitate for longer than a second. She chose her husband. She chose him so fast the “bad guy” wasn’t able to finish his sentence. It’s frankly quite realistic because of course that is the decision most people would make but TV/movies rarely play it that way.

And of course on soaps these decisions are always so much more dramatic than they would be in real life but I can’t understand how Sami is now becoming “torn” between Lucas and EJ. I admit there is chemistry between AS and JS, probably more than her and BD but it’s driving me nuts that EJ isn’t shown in any real redemptive role here. All he wants is Sami whether he is good for her or not and that’s my biggest problem. However, I need to change the subject before I get into a full rant.

Loved Chick this week. LOVED THEM. Chelsea heading over to Nick’s apartment “as friends” speaks volumes when Nick tries to get rid of her and she isn’t having it. Whether Chelsea wants to admit it or not (obviously she doesn’t) she needs to see him and she needs him to want to see her. Her whole “love like a brother” thing is in direct contrast with her actions, again her not leaving after he tries to push her out the door as well as her jealousy when she believes a girl is there. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if Nick did have a girl there?

Sadly its Jeremy which pisses Chelsea off but I was surprised her anger wasn’t directed so much at Nick but at Jeremy. She’s finally accepting Nick’s big heart and realizes that unless he becomes Anti-Nick he won’t be able to turn people away.

Finally, Umar shows up and all hell breaks loose. He stands menacingly in the apartment (nice set BTW) and glares them down. Then he sucker punches Nick, tries to take the kids (why can’t they comment on who this creep is?) thus triggering Jeremy into action. Ignoring how hot Trevor Donovan looks in this scene, my all time favorite moment is at the very end when Chelsea mentions how the boys need Nick and kisses him on the cheek. Even though she pulls away when he tries for a real kiss, Blake is just too hot with his “can’t blame a guy for trying” line and I love RM’s reaction look.

So…is Chelsea keeping Nick at arm’s length because she knows she doesn’t deserve him? Or does she believe that being in a relationship with Nick is too painful and can’t work (BAD SEX, his insecurities) but can’t bear to walk away from him either? Chelsea’s line of “I want you to love me like I love you” speaks volumes to me actually. Of course Nick sees it as a platonic thing but I think Chelsea believes she can never love Nick as strongly as he loves her. His love scares her, so why can’t he take it down to a preferred level that she thinks hers is?

Anyway, isn’t it amazing how enjoyable Chick is when stupid ex-agent man isn’t around?


3 thoughts on “Sami…why?

  1. I always thought Zoe chose Wash primarily because she thought he wasn’t tough enough to survive long enough to be rescued, she also thought Mal had a chance. And her secondary reason was that he was her husband. Now I’ve got to go watch all my Firefly eps again! Darn!

    I’m with you on the EJ redemption. It’s just not happening. They can say it’s happening all they like, but they’ve got to show it for it to work. I do see the handwriting on the wall and have (mostly) stopped complaining about how wrong it is, but it’s still not right.

  2. Well, I’m sure that was another reason for Zoey to choose Wash but I always thought if she had chosen Mal, she and Zoey could have walked out, waited 5 minutes and gone back in ASAP. But she didn’t just want to take that chance on Wash’s life (I sound like a sap don’t I?)

    The EJ redemption is going to take more than him asking her to shoot him. Well of course he’s going to say that? He knew very well if he told her to shoot Lucas, it would more likely cause her to be pissed and shoot him faster!

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