Total Peter Crush

As if I wasn’t crushing on Peter Petrelli enough already:


More please.  I need more.

6 thoughts on “Total Peter Crush

  1. You can keep Peter. I’m going for the bad ass to end all bad asses, Mr. Noah Bennett. Because nothing say hot like bonechilling threats delivered with quiet calm from behind a pair of horn-rimmed glasses.


  2. Awww, Paula. I figured you would like Peter. In some ways he reminded me of Nick Fallon (unsure of himself, big heart, people view him as weak) as he was sort of geeky in the beginning.

    But I love Bennett too. Loved that paralyze a manager by twisting his finger.

  3. Oh Peter… I do love a pretty boy. 🙂

    He looks so much better without the bangs (and shirtless)… I’ve been seeing Milo V. everywhere lately in reruns. CSI, L&O… it’s like an epidemic of great!

    So I can set my recorder… what episode is this from???

  4. I hated the bangs and maybe that’s why he’s especially appealing to me this season. (I had hoped they would have sliced off when Sylar attempted to crack open his skull).

    The picture is actually a promotional shot from NBC so I’m not 100% sure it’s from an episode.

  5. He’s cute, has a hot body but he is not my type. He is all your’s lol. But Jason Dohring or James Scott (Ej/Days) or Ryan Gosling or Joseph Gordon Levitt or Johnny Depp or Christian Bale or…ok i stop ! They are definitly my cup of tea, if you know what i mean..

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