Playing Writer (for Days)

Inspired by MaryPickford, I have attempted to freely cast my opinion on what I wish would happen on the show in various plots, but realize there is no chance in hell anything like this would come to pass.

First…I had to set some ground rules. Give characters I like/love/detest decent storylines that make me interested and thrilled to watch them while upping the angst. The following points I would like to make:

1. Give EJ a purpose other than trying to force Sami to love him.

2. Free Phillip away from the Shelle storyline

3. Allow Stephanie to make mistakes but understandable ones.

4. Give as much Steve and Kayla angst as possible.

EJ and Sami attempt to go through with the Anti-Vendetta marriage but at the last minute, EJ calls the wedding off (making yet another joke about Sami not being able to get down the aisle.) Stefano will be furious and disinherit his son.

Seeing an opportunity here, Victor decides to hire EJ to work for him at his company. (for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the Kiriakis firm). Since firing Lucas, Victor has been needing more help and given Phillip has thrown his responsibilities aside while chasing after his long lost son, he needs someone he can depend on who is crafty and smart. EJ takes the job.

Meanwhile Phillip decides Shawn can have Belle and rolls up his sleeves searching for Tyler. He finds out that Steve and Kayla have him and Phillip presses charges to take the child from him (not having learned his lesson from the Claire situation). He fights dirty using Steve’s past and S&K lose custody while Phillip is rewarded. Kayla especially is hurt in losing Pocket and asks Phillip if they can see him, but Phillip cannot forgive the couple for calling his son such a ridiculous name.

Stephanie gets into the sorority and realizes she needs money to support herself (she doesn’t have Chelsea’s Nickfund to live on) and looks for part time work that is flexible.

Meanwhile, Phillip comes home ready to get back into the Kiriakis way of doing things until he realizes that EJ and his father have grown very close. Phillip argues with his father about how much EJ is worming his way into the company business…this is a man who is known for stealing company funds but the old man has been impressed with EJ, especially his darker side. This is where it becomes clear Victor feels Phillip has always been soft and doesn’t know how to balance his career and business.

So Phillip realizes he must throw himself back into his job but has to consider what is best for Tyler. Looking into nannies, one person applies named Stephanie Johnson and Phillip’s attitude is a rich man’s way of saying “HELL NO.” That’s okay, Stephanie isn’t interested in taking the job either, the way he treated her parents pisses her off to no end. Unfortunately, Tyler has become a fussy baby and nannies are rejected, the baby does have health issues (hopefully with all this poisoning business going on) and Phillip needs someone he can trust to keep the baby’s welfare as a priority.

So Stephanie works for Phillip which causes friction with her parents. Stephanie actually is on her parents side but unfortunately isn’t tactful enough to verbally tell them so and it causes major conflict. Steve and Kayla help relieve their sadness by having lots of sex.

So that’s what I would do. If you wonder if any of these are based on spoilers…maybe, but in some cases I wrote in direct conflict with known spoilers.  So it’s a safe bet to say the above won’t happen.  Sigh.


4 thoughts on “Playing Writer (for Days)

  1. Any and/or all of these ideas would work for me. Especially getting rid of the ShPhelle ‘love’triangle and likewise ending the EJamilucas triangle. I don’t want to watch either one. Plus, anything with Victor has to be good.

  2. Oooh! Are those the real names for the either totally boring or repellent triangles of Philip/Belle/Shawn and EJ/Sami/Lucas? Those names are much better than what I’ve come up with.

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