The Office Premiere: Relationships

I am a bit late blogging about The Office’s double episode premiere. Watching the shows, I can get into the hilarity of Michael running over Meredith with his car, Angela’s horror that her beloved (but decrepit) cat Sprinkles “died”, and Karen has moved on to another series a new life. Instead, I wanted to do a recap of relationships on this show…given my soap isn’t exactly satisfying me with romance lately, I need to look for it elsewhere.

Pam/Jim: Clearly the flag “ship” of the show. When I started watching the series last season, Jim was in another city working at another DM location. I quickly caught up to the history of Jim and Pam…how he’s had this crush on her for a long time while Pam was stuck in a never-ending engagement with a man clearly that doesn’t deserve her while obviously in denial about feelings for Jim herself. Then came a phone call where Jim was calling after hours to leave a VM and try to avoid speaking to Pam, but Pam had stayed late and there they were. And within minutes they picked up in that UST friend game they had and even over the phone my shipper heart was hooked. So…after all of that would Jim and Pam finally be together? And would I be happy? Hee, YES. They are together, trying to keep it a secret and I have to say the “documentary crew” that stalked them because they were unwilling to let their private lives go reminds me so much of online fans it’s nearly scary.

Dwight/Angela: Well, while Pam and Jim are finally on track and appear to be completely happy…now D&A are experiencing relationship blues. Of course they have kept their relationship a secret (or think they have) but for all purposes they seemed really happy that way. On the surface Dwight seems way too…gross for Angela to date but she is not without her own eccentries and let’s not forget that she allowed him to get fired for covering her ass. Now…their issue is Angela’s cat Sprinkles who was as close to death’s door as an animal could be was apparently pushed through said door by Dwight because “he’s a farmer” and isn’t willing to see a life waste away like this. I’m kind of torn…if Dwight was a normal guy I’d completely understand Angela dumping his ass (no matter how low this poor animal’s quality of life was…that was a decision for Angela to make, not him). OTOH, Dwight isn’t a normal guy…to love Dwight is to accept this side of him and since Angela isn’t without her own faults (again, Dwight was FIRED for days thanks to Angela who could have easily could have come forward and admitted his actions were a result of trying to help her) and as far as I know has never apologized for them. I’m curious to see where they go with this.

Michael/Jan: Well, this is the couple that has really become the unpredictable pair. When the show first started, Jan appeared to the viewers as pretty normal, high-strung business woman and her attraction to Michael must be a love/hate thing right? Then it was revealed that Jan’s treatment of Michael privately was something that would certainly border on abusive and Michael broke up with her. So Jan gets a boob job to get Michael back. Um…Jan clearly isn’t all there but then her breakdown at corporate that resulted in her leaving right before they could fire her has now sent her to be living with Michael full time (while he’s now supporting her). Other than this background, honestly we didn’t get much. Jan is sleeping in now and is very touchy on Michael’s relationship with his female co-workers, especially those that happen to see him naked in the office (as Pam innocently did).


2 thoughts on “The Office Premiere: Relationships

  1. How can you leave out Ryan and Kelly! I seriously expect her to go all stalkery on him any minute now. Kelly actually reminds me a of a lot of girls I’ve known who were only interested in finding a husband. She was first into Toby, until she found out he had a kid; she thought about Dwight (for real, she’s desperate); and she “hooked” Ryan by surprise. I don’t think she’s letting go anytime soon.

    re: Jan and Micahel. TWOP did a great review of Casino Night that kind of gets into them more. Jan, at the beginning of the series, was just getting divorced. I think she has a LOT of issues, some of which come from the fact that her branches were the ones failing and needed downsizing, etc. Michael and Jan’s first hookup was awesome! I forget the episdoe, but like all great episodes, it involved Chili’s.

  2. Well, I just don’t care for Ryan and Kelly. I like Ryan. I like Kelly. I loathe them together so I cannot possibly stand seeing them as a couple. (And she annoyed me last week with her “if there was a God, Ryan and I would be married” thing).

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