Survivor…we hardly knew you Leslie!

So Leslie was voted off last night because she was deemed as weak even though Courtney made it very clear she was weaker and many people hated her.

Now, I’m not saying Courtney should have been voted off simply for ruining the championship for them.  I don’t know whose bright idea it was to put her on the machete wielding part of the challenge.  Did they draw for what they would be doing (puzzle or strength?) because it makes no sense to me.

And also, I feel compelled to talk about how Courtney actually impressed me last night with her attitude on overhearing James and Jean-Robert talk about her.  (I know!)  It wasn’t that she failed to confront them face to face, it was her decision to be seemingly amused by listening to them.   How very Elizabeth Bennett of her. (And I’m sure that will be the last such comparison I make. )

Speaking of challenges, I really did like the first challenge.  The guys results were expected but I’m really shocked  Peih-Gee & gang could defeat their opponents, specifically Denise.  Challenges such as these make me nervous because I can easily imagine someone get their neck broken and Survivor is forever canceled due to the extreme tragedy (or it rises to #1 in the ratings).

Again, I hate to admit this but Courtney does bring up a good point (I know!) how Survivor insists make every challenge physically demanding and the less physical players are then seen as hazards on keeping the tribe winning and therefore are bigger targets.  The show really needs to make an effort on giving more mental challenges that revolve around puzzles and strategy.

Overall, I guess now Leslie wishes she spent more time looking for the hidden immunity idol, which is hidden in plain sight and I wish someone would figure that out by the obvious clues (I’m not saying they would know it’s exact location but they seem lost by the clues).


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