The Rescue of Roman

So this week was the climax of Roman being kidnapped and everyone scrambling to rescue him . It’s interesting to me…how many times has Roman been kidnapped by a Dimera and Salemnites give up or tricked into looking for him?

I guess it’s not just an improvement for his rescue that he was gone for only a couple of weeks…this time his face didn’t change (literally).   Okay…maybe not  an improvement but more of a backslide.  Still…it looks to me Andre did attempt to change Roman’s hair:


This is how we know the Dimeras are evil.  They make things look worse than they were before (and in the case of JT it’s tough to imagine how that’s possible).


3 thoughts on “The Rescue of Roman

  1. Hee … I noticed the hairstyle change too. I thought it was a slight improvement, as it masks the Forehead of Immobility.

    I have been cringing at JT’s acting, whether he was drugged, or buried alive, or worried about his daughter. The man can’t groan.

  2. Hee, is the Forehead of Immobility anything like the Forehead of Thought?

    I think JT’s acting has improved as of late but he is still cringeworthy.

  3. I thought his face was changed when he returned, it looked kind of swollen to me. I was so busy wondering about his swollen face and how much better his hair looked that I didn’t pay much attention to his acting. But probably if his acting was riveting I wouldn’t have noticed his appearance so much.

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