My Chick Wish List

Since today marks the two week anniversary since we last saw my darling Nick, let me start by reminding us what he looks like:


Yes, that’s from his last scene with Chelsea which I will go on record by saying I was absolutely happy with that Chick moment, thank you, Hogan Sheffer. However, I had no idea it would be my last Blake Berris moment for weeks. What the hell?

I know they are setting Chelsea up in the sorority story but she doesn’t bring him up once to Stephanie? Adrienne? Max? You would think given Nick nearly got his head knocked off by a guy twice his size she would show some concern. Sigh.

So this is what I want to see coming up in the Chick story from now until the end of the year:

  • Getting over bad sex. (This cannot be stressed enough).
  • Chelsea longing for Nick. (Rachel Melvin can do this so well so please let her.)
  • Chelsea showing concern for Nick over the possible danger he is in.
  • Nick being heartbroken when the kids are finally taken back by their father and Chelsea being there for him.
  • Chelsea and Nick on some kind of adventure (can be related to the kids or something new).
  • Getting over bad sex (in case you didn’t hear me the first time).
  • When Thanksgiving rolls around, I want Chelsea to comment on her life last Thanksgiving, where she was in respect to her family and her life then and now, and how she owes so much to Nick for helping to make her a better person.
  • A montage of them, yes, I know it hasn’t been a year (until November) but if Shelle can have a montage using NuShawn who had been barely on the show for 6 months, we can have a montage of Chick.
  • That Chelsea and Nick be a happy couple by Christmas, complete with them making out under mistletoe and being sloppily happy. Since they will have gotten over bad sex, they will wind up excusing themselves early to go home and “do it.”

I believe fans of this ship are entitled to the above and frankly are damn well due. Bad sex, Jett pimping, the weakening of Nick aside, it’s been difficult to stomach the waffling of Chelsea’s attitude towards are geeky guy, especially given how little concern she has shown for him in regards to a concussion as well as losing his job (for something she asked him to do I might add) and it’s time for the show to give us the payoff we’ve been waiting for.


6 thoughts on “My Chick Wish List

  1. ‘where the hell is nick’ is right! has it really just been two weeks since we’ve seen him? it feels like an eternity.

  2. Well, CDN spoilers were just released up through 10/25 and still no sign of Nick anywhere. That really concerns me. Has the actor gotten sick? WTH?

    You know, I really loved their last scene (Nick and Chelsea’s) but I had no idea it would really be like a LAST SCENE. He hasn’t had any screen time for the month and again, that worries me.

    Especially with the return of Stupid Agent Man next week. (He isn’t an agent anymore. Stupid Security Guard?)

  3. I agree with all your points, especially Chelsea longing for Nick (and getting over Bad Sex, but that goes without saying, right?). She can still be involved with the sorority and with Jett (she says, choking) and be thinking about and worrying about Nick.

    And I want to find out what’s going on with those kids!

  4. You know something I forgot? That stupid money that Nick gave to Chelsea? When the heck is that going to come out.

    You know if anything gives me hope that Chick is endgame, it’s that incredibly sweet (and undeserving for her) gesture of Nick’s. I keep telling myself they wouldn’t let Chelsea wind up with SSG while Nick pays for her college, right?

  5. First of all, I completely agree. I am missing our darling, wonderful, beautiful Nick… bad. And after weeks of Chick/Blake withdrawals, that gorgeous picture at the beginning of your entry just about sent me into cardiac arrest.

    Second, that is a fantastic list. I especially enjoyed your last wish. Sheffer owes it to us. As much as Days fan have been praising Sheffer’s efforts with this Dimera storyline, he sucks with everything else, and he sucks at building any kind of suspense whatsoever. Having Nick & the kids in danger and then giving us that glorious Chick cliffhanger was a good start… it left us wanting more. But after nearly a month of no Nick, I find myself less at the edge of my seat, and more pissed off. 18 days without Blake makes me cranky, I guess.

  6. I loved your list and especially noting getting over the bad sex twice. I really liked your last one on the list. I want all that to happen. Hogan owes us big time for allowing him to pimp Jett A.K.A SSG.

    I hope at least some of the stuff on your list happens.

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