Hereos Annoyances

I tend to complain (too much) but I’ve kept my mouth shut on Heroes simply because I was so excited for the series to return. Now with the fourth episode of the new season, I feel I need to list some of my complaints on the season so far…at least in regards to last night and get everything off my chest.

New Characters-We meet Monica who I actually like but this newfound affection for her (honestly she reminds me a lot of Peter last season) results in reminding meof those other two new characters, Maya and Alejandro (Heroes’ own Nikki and Paulo) whom I just can’t seem to warm up to. Why is that? Obviously they were introduced differently, the primary difference being that yes, while Monica was introduced with another established hero, basically we got to see who she really is…her ambitions and desires before we were fully understanding of her powers. Maya and Alejandro’s story has been fairly fast-paced with them running from trouble, it might have been better if they had not been on the run but rather living in hiding so we got to see them with their guard down, so to speak. Getting to know characters before revealing a devastating secret is the better way to go but I find shows like Lost and Heroes always drop the ball with that.

Sylar-Wow, way too early to bring him back IMO. The audience knew he survived, they made it obvious with the final closing but on a show that delights in showing us the end point first…why did they go ahead and explain where Sylar has been all this time (and how he got away from Candice)? Wouldn’t it have been better if Maya and Alejandro and stumbled upon Sylar first, lying on the road but no more information given to where the timepiece repairman had been? The audience could sit on the edge of their seats while Maya explained they are traveling to America to meet Suresh. Sylar could get excited like he usually does and the audience would expect him to ask what they can do, but he doesn’t.Ā  Nor does he show any sign of his own powers, either to help them on their journey or to show off. What is he waiting for? Plus, if still going by what I said above, the audience wouldn’t know Maya and Alejandro’s own powers and wonder what’s going on with them. Sylar could see them wanted for murder but won’t say anything. I love this idea so much I want to forget these character’s scenes leading up to this, but alas, I can’t.

MattI know one of my online friends will be upset with me for saying this but he really bothered me with this need he has to push people to get to the truth no matter what. If he didn’t know Molly, I could probably let this go but the fact is he has taken care of this child like she is his own (learning through his confession to Nathan that his feelings for her as a father are transference of Janice carrying another man’s child). It just seemed really out of character for him to be use Molly to find his father when it’s this very man who has been forcing her to have nightmares. I’m also upset with Mohinder letting Matt push Molly to do this (wow, they really are the house of the M’s aren’t they?) for him.

Though another issue is they have now revealed who Molly has been afraid of and it’s…Matt’s father. And the audience saw a picture of someone who isn’t all that scary. The hell? I imagine there must be a twist in there somewhere, they couldn’t have set us up for a disappointment that can only be matched by Hiro finding out Takezo Kensei was a greedy, lazy white guy from Britain.

PeterWe need more of him. Really, we need more.

One thought on “Hereos Annoyances

  1. Of course I’d have to respond to this! šŸ˜›

    RE: new charaters, mostly I agree. The wonder twins, I know, have some purpose, but they do put off a certain Nikki and Paulo vibe from Lost. I like them, I don’t love them. They certainly do not bore me the way they do most, but they aren’t memorable either. I have faith the writers know what they are doing and I’ve got a pet theory I’m working on concerning them, Sylar and Nathan.

    Want to hear it? Of course you do. Visit my LJ, it’s coming soon. šŸ™‚

    And Matt, well, you’ve read my LJ thoughts on that too. As wrong as it was too push Molly, I understand it since his last attempt to catch the bad guys in the act was the paper factory in Odessa that made him look like a big fool.

    And, I’m inclinded to believe, that Matt’s dad isn’t neccessarily evil, but is trying to avoid being contacted. He’s obviously aware that Molly is tracking him down and the scary man routine (which may have NOTHING to do with the funny symbols she’s drawing) is a way to keep her away. Molly was being used by Primatech, and he may still assume as much. And as for him being so normal looking… well, I always find the normal looking villians the scariest.

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