Things that made me go “What???”

So this season of Survivor isn’t the worst but it’s not the best. I’m really glad we seem to have a better variety of different people from across the country but somehow it hasn’t given us anything that would make this Survivor stand out over the other seasons. The good news is though, there are still some WTF moments that happens either via camera editing or confessional. Here are the ones I recall:

Work ethic makes a person sexy: Okay, so James mentions that if Denise was a few years younger and/or he was a few years older, something might happen between them. This comes right after his soliloquy on how awesome Denise is when it comes to the daily chores. I’m torn about this, on one hand, it’s nice to see that a guy (one who has the ultimate man body actually) looks for something in women other than looks. OTOH he’s attracted to a person because they are a hard worker? Really? That seems so…unromantic. It’s really quite comical actually. However, that said, I wonder if James simply meant that as a throw away line, especially since lunch lady’s own sexual desires appear to lean in a different direction (or the same as his).

Virgin announcement: Sheesh, why do people announce this on national television? Please, Erik, Jaime did not ask for that much information and not sure what you expected her to do with that knowledge. I had hoped he would PR to the camera he admitted his sexual status because he was hoping it would score points in the sense she might perceive having information on him of such a private nature to prove him trustworthy…which is exactly what Jaime is thinking right now.

The show is giving us this advantage: Okay, for some reason, upon receiving the news they would get to choose someone from the opposite tribe, the members of Zhan Hu believe this twist is simply to give them their own advantage, and it never occurs to anyone the other tribe would have the same opportunity. Wow, no wonder Dave was able to control them all.

Throwing the challenge: Okay, normally I get furious with individuals for throwing a challenge simply to get rid of someone. But Jaime and Peih-Gee’s reasoning makes sense. It’s true the merge might not happen anytime soon, but in this game you have to take risks and their idea isn’t difficult at all. My problem? How utterly unsubtle Jaime and Peih-Gee go about it. The way they were smiling and giggling, not just at the challenge but with James later, was mind-boggling. And poor James still didn’t get it. Wow.

Searching for the Immunity Idol–in the open: This? Was probably the dumbest thing I have seen to date. Todd and Amanda (why did he include her?  Didn’t he make fun of Leslie for the exact same thing?) are able to get enough clues to figure out where the hidden Immunity idol is (more than enough IMO) and instead of taking their time (they really had all the time in the world actually) and trying to pry for it when others are busy and away. They simply look for the idol right there in front of everyone! I had to crack up that of course Frosti manages to probably clue in on what they are doing and get himself included.

Another thing that bugged me was why give it right back to James. It’s easy to figure the other immunity idol is hidden in the exact same location and now he knows where to look. So let them keep this one and then take the other. But NOOOO, they let him take it with him, believing they will win the upcoming challenge. Then they proceed to let everyone know they found the hidden idol.

Seriously, these are things that make me go “What???” but at least it provides some entertainment.


2 thoughts on “Things that made me go “What???”

  1. This season is making me scratch my head, that’s for sure.

    The out in the open hunting for the idol was beyond stupid. Granted, if his reason was to use it to protect James I get why he needed it in a hurry, but still… there are better ways! My goodness folks, take a pee-break at night and go get the dang thing. That was just a stupid, stupid move.

    However, giving it to James, I get. Kind of. Frankly, Todd struck me as the type who would just keep it for himself. By protecting James he was protecting his original tribe should the other one lose. Given that he’s not really feeling his new tribe members as part of his own, and the very good chance that Jean-Robert will jump ship I can see wanting to secure James (which also, given their friendship secures Denise).

    BTW — James and Denise. I think he meant it when he said he found her work ethic attractive. Given all the young, bikini clad girls on that tribe that do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING while he and Denise pretty much did everything, I’d see where he’d fine that attractive.

    Erik — I have no words. Seriously? Who does that?

    And the only part of the P.G. and Jaimie plan I disliked was them not filling in Erik and forcing him to go along. That’s how you lose trust right there.

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