The Best Chick Episode EVER!!!

I probably sound like an emotional, obsessed fan girl over the title of this blog but I simply cannot help it. Thanks to spoilers, I knew what today’s show was going to be about…the wrapping up of Artemis and DeMarquette storyline and the possible reuniting of Chelsea and Nick. I was irked that everything was squeezed basically into an episode and a half, especially after having to endure weeks of an absent Nick not to mention it’s been over a month since seeing them together in the same room. With Chelsea talking about Nick like she’s been in conversation with him but denying the viewers to see it, my frustrations grew that helped push me to write even a new fanfic.

However, I have to give credit where it’s due…today’s episode of Days was awesome, and I can’t stop rewatching the chick scenes from beginning to end. It’s almost like they took the wish list out of my head going down it bullet by bullet. So…I think I’m going to do that to discuss how I feel.

Nick gets them out of a jam using his brain: I wonder how many bomb scenarios the writers went through before thinking up land mines that Nick could obviously have seen a documentary on and know how to deal with realistically. Sure it turns out the bomb wasn’t actually leaded with any explosives but the fact is if it had been, it got her off in time for them to scramble away. (Extra: Nick’s “What the hell?” annoyed remark when it didn’t go off made me laugh but nod my head. What a real thing to say.)

Chelsea sees Nick as a hero: Wow, I figured she would be grateful to Nick unthinkingly putting himself into jeopardy to try to rescue her, but she went back to that level of lovestruck, hero-worship of him I haven’t seen since they returned from Canada (incidentally my favorite time of them.) The whole episode consists of her watching him, fussing over him, and gazing at him. (We get gazing!) It’s about time.

Nick says goodbye to the kids: I had worried we would bet gypped on this scene. It was obvious that Nick had become attached to the children and no matter what you thought of the story, it was only fair for us to see a bittersweet goodbye from him to the boys. The show really found a way to make it long enough but not forced and Blake Berris really did a great job with the scene. It makes me think in the future seasons of IWTBASS, they could use this scene as a staple for actors to watch on how to poignantly say goodbye to children that you have come to really care for. The shots of Chelsea watching with a sad smile and tears in her eyes was also a nice reminder that she is seeing Nick with new eyes as well as probably realizing how she can come to be there for him.

Chelsea recognizes Nick’s loss of the kids leaving: Another thing I was really worried about. Chelsea made it painfully clear she hated him taking the kids in but had come around and realized she was wrong and said so in her own, Chelsea-like way. Still, I felt this story had great potential of letting the viewers who feel Chelsea doesn’t deserve Nick at least see her be there for him when he really needs her. The episode is full of it, the great hug after the kids get back in the car. Chelsea holding his hands close to her heart. And even towards the end where she offered to go back to the apartment with him. Rachel Melvin really knows how to add sensitivity to her performance with her body language and actions.

Chelsea disses Jett: I had no spoilers on this so what a great surprise. By now, it’s been made clear Marcus Patrick is exiting the role of Jett and it can’t come too soon. After I heard the news, I could breath a sigh of relief that they weren’t going to continue with the triangle but I wondered if we would get any kind of closure from Chelsea that she officially chooses Nick over Jett. We got that in spades! It’s like she barely notices Jett when he first appears (hilariously telling Nick the kids need to be debriefed from the feds) and later when he attempts a conversation with her, Chelsea’s eyes constantly head over to where Nick stands, barely listening to Jett. My favorite part? The minute Nick is done with the officer, she cuts Jett off in mid sentence and makes a beeline for our geek. It’s a great reward for those of us who witnessed Chelsea supposedly obsess about Jett in front of Nick.

Have a makeout session with Chick: Yes, we get a make out session! I really thought this part would be cut fairly short (and naturally, I think it could have been longer) but the show really put a lot of time into this. The “through the fireplace” shot, their talking intimately beforehand. I had to smile that Nick’s hand placed so closely to Chelsea’s face is almost as sexy as watching them kiss. (That’s their chemistry people!) Naturally next on my list is for them to get over bad!sex but I really didn’t want that to happen this episode. I want it to be a significant event and for us to get the full detail as Santos/Colleen got and not a scene that is similar to Max and Morgan heading up the stairs. Now that I know Jett is gone for good (soon), I’ll be more than happy to wait (a little) longer for them to get this right.

Nick playing a little hard to get: This wasn’t technically on my list because I never expected it to happen. He wasn’t hands off but he didn’t push her like I thought he might. First…I loved during their talk on the couch how he was playing a little dumb with what Chelsea was trying to say. It was obvious she was attempting to imply he was a hero but his nonchalant attitude forced Chelsea to come right out and say it. Now, whether he was really dense on what she was trying to do (he is a guy after all), he wasn’t getting what she meant on purpose, or he simply was so tired from everything that had happened his mind wasn’t letting him catch on to what she was trying to say, it doesn’t matter to me, because hearing Chelsea wax poetry to Nick’s face was something he’s deserved to hear for a long time. Also, when she clearly expressed for him to stay at the sorority house or let her go back to the apartment with him, he just told her “No”. And that was that. I know it’s not a lot and it’s probably more to the fact he is incredibly tired but still…Chelsea responds to this type of attitude.

So my next Chick wish list? Things that still need to be met:

  • Chelsea and Nick need to get over bad!sex.
  • The truth of the money Kate gave Chelsea needs to come out.
  • I want a Chick montage.
  • A moment for Chelsea to reflect where she was with her family (and Nick) last year during the holidays and how that has changed because of Nick Fallon.

Hee, I’m so hopeful right now.


10 thoughts on “The Best Chick Episode EVER!!!

  1. i’m leaving work in ten minutes and i cannot wait to get home and watch today’s show. it sounds heavenly!

  2. Awesome awesome awesome. I anxiously awaited this entry from you! I could not agree more. And if last time was any indication, perhaps your wish list will come true again? I hope so. I give the writers for the 10/29 and 10/30 MAJOR props for turning the destruction of Chick around so cleanly and drastically. They gave us just the right amount of everything, so it wasn’t too much and it wasn’t too little. It just left me wanting more. We have a lot to look forward to with this couple!!!

    p.s. *The hand*, and the math equations just about gave me a heart attack. Seriously, could our boy be any hotter? So effortless. *sigh* And I seriously loved that KISS. I swear, these two have to be a real life couple.

  3. Great ep. As I told you in e-mail when we first got the spoilers, it’s like Sheffer took your wish list and checked them off one by one.

    The Jett diss was possibly my favorite part. πŸ˜‰

  4. wow, christmas came early this year!
    yesterday was every bit as wonderful as i’d hoped it would be. i was crying, cheering and swooning all at once. that has got to be the most romantic bomb rescue scene ever. isn’t it great that nick has been so effortlessly integrated into the sorority scene? and how cute was it at the end when chelsea’s voice kind of went up an octave as she was talking to nick on the sofa? nobody else makes her that happy – she was practically glowing! the chemistry between these two is so organic and they are so beautiful together. it’s like watching a supernova or something. i can’t believe how invested i became in the artemis and demarquette story. their farewell scene with nick was heartbreaking. i also loved the interaction between chelsea and billie and, of course, the dissing of jett. seriously, who pesters a girl for a date right after she’s been kidnapped? nick is everything that jett is not and thank goodness chelsea finally sees that. and how does nick manage to get hotter every time we see him? more of nick in all black, please.
    major props to blake and rachel, they knocked this so far out of the park. i’m off to write a gushing fan letter to hogan and tell him to please give us more days like this one.

    also, i want to be related to steve and kayla. i want to hang out with two. seriously.

  5. Yep, it was a fabulous Chick episode. I’m on cloud nine! They really did manage to address so many of the things we’ve been complaining about. It was so wonderful to let Blake and Rachel play to their chemistry, instead of having to play it down.


  6. Nat: thanks for posting! I honestly didn’t notice the math equations until you said something. Hee, Nick can make anything hot can’t he?

    Paula: I can’t get over how close this came to hitting all my objectives on my list (still need that bad!sex). The Jett diss isn’t something I want to state is my favorite, IMO Jett should never show up in my favorite anything, however, it comes pretty darn near close.

    Artemis: It’s funny you should say the most romantic bomb rescue because we have had so many on this show in the last year, and yet it truly is (and I might even venture to put it in the top 10 of all). I can’t get over the huge amount of chemistry and yesterday was definitely written to showcase that. (PS: I would say I want Steve and Kayla to be my parents, but then I realize I would be lusting after my Dad, which would make me too much like Belle.)

    Mary: Playing down their chemistry has been what they have been doing haven’t they? Especially this summer which really, I look back on and flinch at the horrors of it. Many fans who supported this couple have labeled them as “ruined” but I think a few more episodes like this and they will come back to the Chick side. πŸ˜€

  7. Tripp, I loved your blog. I want everything to happen on your wish list also.

    This episode was the best chick episode ever. I loved the diss of Jett, the kisses and hugs were great, when Chelsea stopped Nick from putting the TV on the bomb and she said I am glad you were in my life, Chelsea grabbing Nicks hand and putting it close to her heart. The whole freaking show was great.

  8. I’m late to this ep, but yes, it really was pretty great all around. They wrapped up the story with the boys so fast, but the pay-offs on the Nick/Chelsea side of the ledger were definitely worth the odd pacing on everything else.

    Have you come down from the ceiling yet?

  9. Ken: Thanks. I would so be very honored if the show would take my wishlist into account when writing their stories.

    Zara: Have you come down from the ceiling yet? Yes, some. Not quite totally on the floor. I also agree, the kids were wrapped up so fast and there were holes in the closing of it, but I can forgive if we get more Chick scenes like that.

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