Heroes Improving

Well, I know the state of Heroes is improving because when my Tivo cut off the last minute of the episode I yelled “NOOOOO”. It was right at the moment where Peter reached out to send lightening bolts towards a hand of a stranger, a stranger the show hadn’t identified yet. Thanks to online friends and TWoP, I now know this stranger was Adam Monrow, aka, Kensei who obviously didn’t die in the fire.

Great way to tie what I considered a fairly useless story of Hiro’s journey to ancient Japan into the current mystery of who the bad guy is this season as well as how he’s manipulating everyone around him, including Matt’s nightmarish father, Freddy Krueger type, nightmare man. I don’t like the idea of Matt having the ability to dig deeper into a person’s mind as Muggles says, “Get away from me, flyboy!”Tobolowsky insisted was possible. I think Matt’s got his hands full with the one power he has but kudoes to him for turning the tables on his father and locking him up in his mind.

The more I watch of Claire’s story, the more I hate the kid, West. I didn’t want to, I thought the show was going for a love/hate thing but she’s falling for him too fast for me, and the kid just gives off a truly creepy guy. The way he showed up at her house after she specifically told him how her dad can be was fairly disrespectful of her wishes, not that teenage boys are known for treating their girlfriends with honor, but given their “gifts” you would think he would be a bit less likely to lose Claire since she’s the only one that knows his true self. (Which still, creepy). I so wish Bennett had kicked his ass. Speaking of Bennett, looks like Mohinder turned on him too.

Poor Caitlin, now stuck in a horrible, damned future with Peter unable to head back to help her. Can Adam help him? It’s obvious it was Adam who killed Hiro’s father as he could have survived heading to the pavement. That makes me feel better since Nightmare Man wouldn’t have attacked in such a way, plus I remember what Kaito said to his assassin, “Of all of them, I never expected it would be you.” Considering how long Adam must have planned this (probably stemming from his revenge against Hiro), it’s fairly impressive how charming this man can be.

And let’s end on how I think Heroes should always find ways for Peter to take a shower. This time it was by force and I applaud their effort.


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