Four Months Ago

There are people in this world that once they officially announce a theory, even if it’s to someone of no consequence (like their dog possibly), and that theory does prove true, they will stand up and shout to everyone they meet “I KNEW IT!”

And so I shall say “I KNEW IT” when it comes to Heroes. I said to my dog, Shaggy, that when the season premiere told us that we had jumped four months from where the previous season left off, we would be not only getting an episode dedicated to what happened in the missing timeframe, but the episode would more than likely be named “Four Months Ago”.

I’m so wrong on all my other predictions it really speaks poorly for Heroes doesn’t it? That said, I did like this episode. It explained many questions without giving a boatload of new ones…like how did Nathan survive being near his radioactive brother and why did Lois leave him. Peter’s memories being taken from the Haitian explains how he got his memory as well as give hope that the memory loss isn’t necessarily permanent (unless the Haitian didn’t necessarily take his memory, more like hiding them from him.) We also got to see Adam making friends with Peter as well as how DL died later (for the first time, I actually felt sad for Nikki.)

Of course this episode wasn’t perfect. We still had Maja and Alejandro, whose story doesn’t interest me but instead of doing other important things like cleaning around the house while they are on, the subtitles force me to pay attention.   Pity. Still, Maja basically killing everyone at the wedding party sure does put a damper on the festivities and makes them unlikely to be invited to anything in the future.

I do have some questions. If the company is so smart, why the HECK did they put Peter and Adam next to each other like that? Couldn’t they have guessed Adam would have communicated to Peter through THE WALL? Also, if they knew Adam’s blood had healing powers, why don’t they have a few dozen pints on file in case he does escape? I really think there is way more to this than what we got last night…and there is another twist coming up.

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