My Opinion Time

The following are my opinions and some may be unpopular…but they are mine and I stand by them (for now):

  • I like Kate and Roman.  From what little I have seen of Tony and Anna, I think they are boring.  There is some chemistry between Max and Stephanie, but not enough for me to get over the Uncle thing.
  • I like Belle’s hair. I hate Sami’s hair. I’m not crazy about Chelsea’s hair but think the color suits her.  I used to like Kayla’s hair, but now it’s too short.  I love the Sawyerishness of Steve’s hair.  I like Hope’s hair from the front, but hate it when I see the back.
  • I wish Hope (or KA) would stop overusing the word “Brady” when referring to Bo.  I know it’s a cute nickname and I tend to like it, but the other day she used it so much it became distracting.  Even Steve knows how to hold back on using all the Sweetnesses.
  • I really do like the sorority story and for once in my life, may be enjoying the rapist storyline (as much as one can enjoy a story like that).
  • Though I started off digging the Santo/Colleen story, they have worn out their welcome and I’m not happy to see Colleen’s ghost (or Sami’s imagination since I don’t believe Colleen is really dead) telling Sami what she feels or shouldn’t feel.  Seriously…if the ending is true, then she took a header off a cliff because she found out the man she’s been letting bang her and was going to leave the church and her family for turned out to be married all along.   She’s the last person who should be advising Sami on anything.
  • I miss Nick.  With roles being cut left and right, I worry when he is regulated to being only in Chelsea’s scenes.  They need to expand his social circle.
  • Finally, Jett is gone.  Yesterday was his last day.  I sure won’t miss him.  I’m sure RM won’t either.

6 thoughts on “My Opinion Time

  1. I disagree about everything except:
    – Kayla’s fugly hair
    – Jett’s departure (if we can even call it that? there was no mention of it in the actual scenes)

    Are you an EJ person, or no? I’m just wondering, because I am back to FLOVING EJ. The writers made him obnoxious and even though I ship Ejami as opposed to Lumi, Ejami was starting to piss me off.

    But, James Scott has been awesome the past couple of days with his subtle and restrained performance. I’m sure EJ won’t remain paralyzed… but for now, I’m loving the hospital scenes. JS and AS play off of each other very well.

  2. You disagree? That isn’t fair. LOL.

    I was an EJ person but being overloaded of him in the recent months makes me having my EJ fill. I’m not really on board with EJami but given it’s time to just get through the story so we can move on, I’m willing to look past it.

    I do think JS has done great with scenes as well as AS too.

  3. Hmm, I’m somewhere in between on the agreement, disagreement thing. Mainly I agree.

    I agree about Kate and Roman, but disagrees about Anna and Tony – but then I can see why you wouldn’t necessarily get them this time around given how little they’ve been on. I, as much as it pains me, can totally get over the uncle thing with Steph and Max.

    I agree with you on the hair, except Kayla’s which I like shorter as well as longer.

    I agree on the rest, especially on your EJ overkill comment above. There was too much overload and therefore I’m not particularly invested at the moment, if I ever was, though I admit I haven’t seen the second half of this week’s shows yet.

  4. What? Another person disagrees? LOL.

    I have to say overly disappointed in Tanna. I was curious at first, I do like the actors separately but since the show didn’t really expand on the relationship, it just seems easy to throw them together in a scene. I do prefer Anna with Tony though instead of Roman.

    EJ did impress me today, it’s nice to see that if anything this paralysis has taken his smug beacon down a few levels. I think with everything else, the fact that EJ was being so gleeful and actually OTT in regards to marrying Sami, it was just too much to take.

  5. Yay, Tripp! I love it when the conversation turns to Unpopular Opinions. I like Belle’s hair but I’m in the minority that I think Martha Madison is really pretty. The character of Belle is too bland, spoiled, and GHH-ey, but I think the actress can act and like I said I think she’s pretty.

    Agree about Hope’s hair. It’s so shiny and pretty and falls very nicely from the front, but from the back “run over by a lawnmower” comes to mind.

    And we definitely agree on missing Nick! I’m getting worried too.

    I see Colleen as just a projection of Sami’s imagination. Like it or not, she does see the Santeen romance as suggesting that she and EJ are fated to be together somehow. Plus this is just a variation on the good Sami/bad Sami discussions she used to have with herself in the mirror. It was wacky. That was a JER trick.

  6. Actually Mary I think MM I think MM is pretty too, at least since she got the new haircut and her clothes have improved. She’s boring as hell but pretty.

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