Cautionary Tales

Excellent episode of Heroes this week. Where to start? How about with Matt, usually the person I like to talk about least but last night I very much enjoyed his scenes and the way he appears to be morphing into his father. My fandom twin Slynn and I actually disagree about Matt. She is a big fan of GG’s and though I did like him some last year, stupid actions on his part as well as how evil he turned out in last season’s future episode turned me off of him. Now that Angela has told us he is following in the footsteps of his father, this is all becoming very Luke Skywalkerish and so much more compelling than where his story initially started out.

Do you have a tissue?

Next up is Hiro’s inevitable attempt at trying to save his father. I love Kaito’s whole “We have the power of gods but can’t play gods” routine…hopefully we might get some insight as the seasons go as to learn where Kaito achieved such an enlightened sense of wisdom (and maybe find out what the heck Kaito’s power actually was.) I’m very proud of Hiro for not just walking away but also taking the painful step of freezing time to see who his father’s murderer is.  Realizing who Adam really is provides a great big bitch!slap from Fate herself and I wonder what lessons Hiro might learn from this.

Cutest Hiro kid ever!

Last, my favorite part of the episode is naturally the saga of the Bennetts. Let’s ignore the drama of West and Claire or even the cringe-worthy last conversation Claire had with her father, but move on to the bittersweet moments between Noah and his wife. It’s nice to see the show giving the woman a spine for a change when being faced with Noah’s seemingly paranoid pictures of his future.  Her walking away is a big step for her and the feeling it gives is a realistic reaction in an otherwise non-realistic family. Later as she realizes how much Noah does care for Claire and the entire family, I have to admit this cynical “heart of stone” couch potato was moved.

I actually did like West more by the end of the episode though if Bennett hadn’t survived, I probably wouldn’t have allowed myself to.  Bennett being one of my very favorite characters and a loss of him would overshadow a dozen Wests (or Norths, Easts and Souths). I waited with baited breath for what I prayed was coming and was awarded in more ways than one:

He Lives!  And with a very fine body.


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