Those Bastards!

Damn them! Damn those CSI bastards. Just when I was over my supreme obsession with the show, and my pure delight that after Sara Sidle does date the man of her crazyass dreams, Grissom, does she realize the reality didn’t live up to the fantasy, so she runs out of town faster than you can say Sin City.

This week’s episode being the first since Jorja Fox’s departure, it was one of those artistic and unconventional types with Hodges being the lead for the episode.  For those of you unaware, my newfound love for Hodges came out of nowhere as he was the arch nemesis for my beloved Greg, I had to hate him. Now as the show pushes Greg’s screentime down to nothing (only to beat the crap out of him when he is featured), Hodges emergence as the default geek of the lab has grabbed my attention, in large part because of his attention to Wendy (Liz Vassey).

Now first I must say, when I heard Liz Vassey was joining the show a couple of seasons ago, I immediately thought about her stint back in the late 80s/early 90s as Emily Ann on All My Children. I don’t remember a lot of her time on the show but one story does stand out, her teenaged character suffering a miscarriage and the after effect scenes with Brooke. When the actress left the soap, I kept a track of her career some, namely the only thing I remember being she starred in a series with Joey Lawrence (post-Blossom).

When Wendy showed up in the crime show, I heard a rumor that she would be paired with Greg. Since I still maintained my own fantasies that Greg would hook up with Sara, I wasn’t exactly for it. Little did I know I would be shipping Wendy with Hodges since last season’s episode titled Lab Rats.

So here we are, an episode pretty much devoted to a conversation with Hodges and Wendy…the former throwing out hypothetical co-worker whodunits, in the name of “thought experiments.” I can’t help but notice a very strong resemblance to the CSI video game scenarios and wonder if that isn’t a coincidence but by the end it becomes clear Hodges, who is always Hodges, gives himself away and was attempting to gather advice as he is developing a board game centered around CSI. Wendy discovers his real motive but is impressed with his creation anyway, until she takes his description of her game namesake and becomes upset and walks away. This is the ultimate in a love/hate relationship and I cannot help but be dragged in.  Damn them!

I didn’t even mind that the B plot was about the other CSIs attempting to reach out to help Grissom get through this difficult time after Sara left him. Course, Greg’s bitterness towards Grissom in the form of one word (“Whatever”) vindicates me a little bit, I know I didn’t imagine the awesomeness of Sandle. I even liked the fact that it took Hodges to be able to talk to Grissom on his level about Sara as well as help the old man move on by helping Grissom do what he always does…withdrawn into himself and use fictional role-playing as a means of social interaction.


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