Kill Belle

I have not been a fan of Belle Black since returning to the show two summers ago. At first, I looked at Martha Madison and could only see Nellie from Little House on the Prairie. (The gigantic bows on Claire probably didn’t help.) Looking at her now, I don’t see Nellie anymore, but the recent haircut helped. These hair extensions right now are God awful and distract from the fact she should not have had time to get anything put in since she was married only like 5 minutes ago.

New meaning to the term GoldiLocks

But I digress. After I got used to her was about the time the “On the run” storyline for Shelle began (oh, weren’t we all young and naive back then?). I wasn’t exactly thrilled Steve and Kayla were propping the boring couple, but I was fine initially hoping it would allow me to like Shelle more.   However, it did the opposite, forcing me to hate them on site, espeically with Belle’s crying over every little thing and having to rely on anyone near by, whether that was Kayla, Chelsea, or Gabby (until she realized Gabby was looking at Shawn too intently). Then came for Shellesex and whether it was the writing or MM’s acting choices, Belle apparently chose to sleep with Shawn because he somehow earned it (complete with going down a checklist before they did the deed.)

When they finally got back to Salem and began looking for “lost at sea” Claire who of course would show up at a baby pageant dressed as a boy, we got to see some spark within MM come out. The whole “Give me my baby, you bitch” line as well as Belle mastering a plan (all by herself!) on getting the baby-napper to come out was actually fairly interesting to watch.

Then this bitchy Belle left us and was replaced with the normal GHH version who was now insisting she and Shawn live with her ex-husband who can provide easily for them even though Belle’s Dad is richer than Ritchie Rich. Eventually her sense of decency (ok, more like Shawn’s whining) led her to move into the Brady pub, but we had to suffer through countless trips with Phillip to go look for his son, something that was far more enjoyable than any day when she was with Shawn, but a waste of JKJ’s talents and sex appeal.

In a move perfect for the character, Belle locks her keys in her car and calls her Dad to fish them out.  Naturally, he gets run over like roadkill.  Belle is the only person who believes her Dad can pull through it, and understandbly, since not 6 months ago her mom insisted John could come back from a prolonged coma with brain damage and it did happen, but alas, John’s used up all his nine lives and must give up the ghost as they say.

So in her confusion and pain, Belle gives into temptation to sleep with her ex-husband before the wedding (almost twice actually) and in a style that is in keeping with Shelle’s ability to point the finger at someone else, today becames upset that Hope can’t keep her secret of adultery (is it adultery if she wasn’t married yet?).  I’m not a fan of Shawn at all, nor do I want he and Belle to be happy (unless it means they leave Salem) but he and Phillip deserve better than Belle.

I’m going on record I can’t take this character anymore. Though in the past I can find myself almost liking her, the tears that MM cried over Drake’s body did move me more than almost everyone else (except for PR). She’s a better actor than Brandon Beemer and since Shawn is as useless nearly as Jett was, I hate to have to declare one more character that way too.

So, I now must fully admit I’m totally sitting at the Kill Belle table. Let her join her beloved Daddy in soap heaven, he’s the only man who she’s ever really loved.


4 thoughts on “Kill Belle

  1. Welcome to the club. Your membership card should arrive in 5-10 business days.

    My feelings for Belle vacillate between complete disinterest and complete hatred. Except for the infamous “Give me back my baby, you bitch” (soapy goodness) line, I never *got* MM until recently. Out of everyone who was at John’s deathbed, Belle destroyed me the most, and that’s saying something when I hate the character. It was only because of MM’s acting.

    I must say though, I find Phelle kind of hot now. JKJ and MM have smokin’ chemistry, and a hell of a lot better than the anti-chemistry between BB and MM. I also like the fact that Hope, Bo, Kayla, Marlena, and in on it now. I actually can’t wait until Shawn finds out, because it is going to be like the ultimate betrayal, times 100 because his family knew. Good soap.. *fingers crossed*

  2. Thanks Nat. I await my membership card eagerly.

    I do think MM did a great job at John’s bedside, actually better than DHer actually (though at least the older actress managed to tone down the gasps.) If there is one thing I think MM can do really well is crying. Maybe it’s cause AS has been on crying overload lately (and it pains me to say it, I adore AS as Sami) and it has been a long time since we’ve seen MM cry in so long as well as this being a good reason for her to do so.

    I just wish the show would actually take the Shellip triangle and mix it up. I know they are bringing in a fourth party now (or one returning) but I think that just adds to the problem. Shelle was the most interesting at the beginning of their “On the run” story when Steve/Kayla, Bo and Chick were working together to help them. Mixing up the acting circles and see how it goes.

    Put Phillip in other women’s circles. He’s just as close to the sorority girl’s ages as Max is. I’d love to chemistry test him with Stephanie or Morgan or even Cordy (though I haven’t warmed up to the recast). Shawn lights up more with his parents, Lexie and that awesome nurse who was assigned to him. He’s the weaker of the three and needs to distance himself from the younger crowd so let him act around the vets more. Maybe he will pick up a thing or two.

    And finally keep MM away from DHer. I think she’s picking up her bad habits. She did well with Lucas yesterday. Have more interaction with him as well as possibly trying to be there for her sister (for once).

  3. The only time I ever really liked her was when she first appeared. However, that was just the relief of not having to EVER watch the previous (recast) Belle, one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Since then she’s only been interesting a couple of times. And then only moderately.

  4. ^ Charity Rahmer? LMFAO. She was one of the worst actresses I have ever seen… beyond words, really. She made the chick who played Jan look like Meryl Streep.

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