James is gone!

There is a major problem with Survivor this year. I hate to admit it especially since the show has gone through pains to fix other issues.


Issue #1: Diversify. Yes, I know only a couple of seasons ago the show made a big deal of bringing in various races and grouping as such but that wasn’t the problem. The problem is not every American lives and breaths in California or New York. (Sometimes a token Bostonian would be thrown in but that was it). This season we’ve had people representing several states across the country including TN, Utah and Louisiana. I’m happy.

Issue #2: Putting them somewhere geographically different. Of course, I was hoping for a cold climate but since you can’t have people being nearly naked without freezing their private parts off. But ignoring the religious controversy at the beginning of the season, China definitely does look different.

Glaring New Issue

Nobody is likable. The show just voted off the person I was rooting for last night. And the reason I was rooting for him was simply because he had a nice body, he was a grave digger (interesting profession) and he managed to grab hold of two immunity idols, not that they did him any good. I kind of like Amanda and her actions last night didn’t bother me (going after James). He is the biggest threat to everyone and it made complete sense. If she’s smart, she will be able to manage to get Todd into thinking it was his idea and lay the blame on him. She also seems like the person with the best personality and overall, easier to spend time with in miserable conditions (as opposed to Courtney or Peih-Geeh). Eric is nice too but he seems rather boring actually and only interests me when he’s acting like a goat.

The show needs to shake things up like they did the race emphasized season previously mentioned. If anyone recalls, that season was fairly boring at the beginning until people jumped ship and mutineed forcing Yul’s tribe into the ultimate underdogs. It was awesome to see how they managed to overcome the odds and beat the far larger competing tribe. (Plus it was helpful everyone in Yul’s tribe was likable and rootable.)


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