Days Week in Review

I have to hand it to the writers (before they went on strike). The week after Thanksgiving was fairly active and watchable. From Ejami to Lumi, Belle getting de-GHHed, Marlena’s secret coming out, Chick breaking and entering, the return of Chloe, Phillip turning on his mom, Kate turning on Phillip, and Bo & Steve warning Ford, almost everything was watchable (almost everything).

Nick and Nora indeed Starting of course with Chick, it’s really overwhelming to have Blake Berris on for three days straight. Watching Chick working together was a delight, though it seems Chelsea isn’t over her selfish ways with insisting Nick do whatever she wants. That said I don’t mind Nick caving into her, he was firm initially and that’s enough for me. Plus, a couple sneaking around to get dirt on a bad guy is a soap opera staple reminding me of classic Jack & Jennifer, Bo & Hope, and Steve & Kayla.

While in Ford’s room, I loved how it was Chelsea leading the charge but Nick being the voice ofThey are so cute I had to upload two pics! logic explaining the evidence they were finding such as the antibiotics and grinder. When they hid in the closet (seriously which was huge), Chelsea was about to go crazy inside and if Nick hadn’t held her back, their presence would have been made known to Ford immediately. This is exactly what I like to see in a couple…that they can use their differences to complement each other so they are stronger together rather than apart. It’s yet another reason to root for them to get back together when the inevitable next estrangement comes.

So next up is the return of Chloe! I was nShe’s Back!ot watching Days during the years she was on. I have heard stories of barrettes of love that masks scars, fugly glasses as well as she leaving town with Brady Black. Now she & her breasts are back, recently divorced and very interested in Phillip. From what I have read online, viewers either hated her or wished she was still with Brady so it will be interesting if her presence can possibly add any spice to the awfulness of the Shellip triangle. One note of interest, in real life Nadia Bjorlin is dating Brandon Beemer and if there was any chance of Beemer actually sparking with an on-screen love interest, you would think it would be his real life girlfriend. Time will only tell.

It’s like the Village people meets Reno 911But not by what he is wearing here. The scene of Shelle having a sexy romp in the middle of the day was either comic genius or ridiculous lunacy. It’s like the Village People meets Reno 911. I have to hand it to Belle, if this image of her husband doesn’t have her literally chunk her ring at him and run back to Phillip immediately, she must really love Shawn. (Thank God for Phillip in this story).

I keep wanting to make Belle’s adultery into something more than it probably is. It’s more than likely TPTB just want to have Belle lose her “perfect” status in everyone’s eyes. (God knows she has in Hope’s.) However, I want it to be a story where Shelle implodes because Belle realizes she has built Shawn up to be this super human “great love” from high school (HIGH SCHOOL!) and basically ruined a possibly great marriage to a sexy and successful man. Once getting what she has thought she always wanted, the reality doesn’t live up to the fantasy and it turns out she was happier (and way more satisfied) with Phillip than Shawn. I’d give anything for the show to make that the point of the current storyline, other than the typical Belle simply wants both men.

I was going to talk about how weird it is to watch Ejami act all friendly and sweetly to each other (I blame the drugs pumping into EJ) while Marlena and Hope’s talk about Belle unnerved me since both women have coddled both their children way too much and are unaware it’s what has helped to create the mess their children’s lives are in. That said, I did love Marlena is the one who shot EJ and can’t wait to see how that plays out. I prefer this Marlena to the John-obsessed one.


Ford doesn't know what he's in for!

Finally let’s recap the sexiest thing to happen this week. The smackdown of Steve and Bo to Ford. It was probably the hottest I have seen these two men all year (and that’s saying something). I know, it wasn’t the right thing to do. But when have these two been especially known for “doing the right thing”? Nope, they work best when they are being badass, and it’s even better when they do it to protect their daughters!

5 thoughts on “Days Week in Review

  1. Chick three days in a row! Bo and Steve!

    What I liked about this week was noticing seeds of dissension among the good guys. It seems like soaps often have good guys just mindlessly think the same about everything and giving each other high fives. Here we have Stephanie and Chelsea disagreeing about the best way to handle Ford, and Hope and Marlena at odds.

    Though I don’t want Phillip and Belle together, I would love it if the show presented Shelle like you said. It would be the perfect way to end it and move on. Belle could talk about how buying into her reputation as “Princess Belle” and “Shawn and Belle twu wuv 4eva!” made her make stupid choices and shoot herself in the foot.

  2. I want Shelle to be presented that way too. Not just because it’s a conceivable way of ending the Shelle romance forever but also because I think it’s a realistic thing to happen in real life. I’m not talking about the hypothermia sex, the “on the run” story, and such, I’m referring to a person who never gets over their “first love” whom they still are in contact with on a daily basis. Sometimes carrying a torch for years.

    You’re right about the good guys argueing over how to handle the bad. Very realistic and actually really intriguing.

  3. I really liked Chelsea and Nick’s fact finding expedition. You’re right; it is vintage Days when the couples worked together to bring down the bad guys. By the way, is Hope still a cop or is she just allowed to visit crime scenes because she’s the only person over 25 in Salem that can think for herself 95% of the time?

    Shawn’s idea for foreplay was hideous and I’m pretty sure is grounds for annulment in 48 states. Perhaps Belle can get Stefano to help her out with that since he’s down with the Bishop.

  4. “Overwhelming”… that is the perfect way to describe having Blake on for 3 days in a row. Not that I am complaining. But the shocking of seeing the pretty on a regular basis could kill a girl.

  5. brandname, I believe Hope isn’t a cop anymore but for some reason, SalemPD allows people who are plain citizens entry into crime scenes w/o giving them a hard time. And not to stick up for Shawn (it really hurts) but the crime scene where Steve “stabbed” Stefano, Shawn waltzed under the police tape and no one said a word to him…that was when he was just starting to think about being a cop.

    Nat, I know what you mean. We’ve been spoiled with having him in so many scenes throughout the year, these long breaks without Nick is killing me.

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