Volume II

Well, that’s the end of volume II folks. Anyone have opinions?

I don’t think I’m being overly controversial in saying the season was disappointing. One big problem was how incredibly naive everyone was. Maya and her brother, sure, but all the heroes just seemed to never let suspicious arise even when it seemed ludicrous not too. Hiro thought he could handle Takezo Kensei’s legend on his own. Then you have Peter not listening to other people around him in regards to Adam’s mission on grabbing the virus. Even with D.L.’s demise, it made no sense for Niki to simply trust the Company in getting rid of her “friends” inside her. The twins were introduced as naive kids from another country, (how I wish Maya was dead!), and even Bennett is now back to trusting the Company that he swore wouldn’t happen. Don’t even get me started on Mohinder!

Then there was the other significant problem this season. Introducing new characters failed miserably. Was anyone happy to see they brought Maya back to life with Claire’s blood (dammit)? Elle was starting to improve marginally but it’s going to be a long road to travel to get past those scenes of her electric libido flirting around. And though I do like Monica, her story took too long to happen and wound up peaking too fast.

Finally, the last problem with the season is the presence of Sylar. First, he should never have been in this season. Was was the point of leading the twins to the US? We already know how evil he is, and now the show has completely taken away all layers and made him 100% evil, thereby he is boring. If he has to stay around, the idea would be to let him be possibly happy without his powers. The powers were what made him do bad things and without them, he is a better person. But then, let him run across the twins, and he realizes he can manipulate Maya or even her brother into doing what he wants and the temptation is too great. He kills the brother and dissects the brain only to discover he can’t mimic his powers anymore.

One thought on “Volume II

  1. I agree. I watched the second season this week. I still wish it would have been longer, but I really have to agree on the stupidity of the characters.

    In the last episode I basically yelled at Peter’s stupidity at trusting Adam, when even Hiro was telling him what Adam wanted to do (and Peter knows Hiro).

    And the twins’ storyline (plus Sylar) was taking time away from the storylines while being really unnessary. Alessandro is dead, Maya did not have an impact on anybody (since Sylar is still evil and Mohinder already knew before that Sylar was evil… thinking of that, Mohinder was the naive travel mate of Sylar once, too, and never seems to learn…).

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