Will I sound like Tiny Tim if…

I ask for “More please”?

  • Steve and Kayla sex.
  • Couples with loads of chemistry like Bo/Hope and Chelsea/Nick working together.
  • Shawn calling Belle a liar.
  • Nick. (Seriously, WTH is he?)
  • BSC Marlena.
  • Hope interrupting Kayla.
  • Bitchy Chloe (has to be better than Belle).
  • Caroline subtly putting down her former daughter-in-law.

8 thoughts on “Will I sound like Tiny Tim if…

  1. Ditto.

    Didn’t we get S & K sex earlier this week, in the car? Granted, it wasn’t really meant to be romantic or anything, and I was only half paying attention at the time. But the look on Hope’s face when she opened the car door was pretty funny. Hope/KA has just been ROCKING lately.

  2. I miss him too Artemis. I’m really tempted to find a clock out there that counts the days on a date so I could have a widget that says “Not seen Nick in X number of Days”.

  3. LOL, Tripp, wasn’t it Oliver Twist who asked for “More, please”?

    Regardless, I second everything on your list. I’m not sure about Chloe yet, but you’re right that she must be better than Belle. I wish Shawn would just dump her. I’m no Shawn fan but how much is he willing to take?

    The show has been really good lately.

  4. Crap, it is Oliver Twist. Honestly, that quote is ruined for me now anyway thanks to the ending of the book Hannibal (the follow up to Hannibal Lector and Clarice Starling…which ended very differently than the movie) so it’s no wonder I got it wrong.

    Isn’t it frustrating the episodes are improving to be watchable 100% even when your favorites aren’t on…and the threat of the strike could certainly put an end to that?

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