Survivor Finale

So in the end, there can only be one, two, three.

Did we know they were going to the Final three again? I know they did that during the season of Yul but I thought that was just a gimmick. No matter, during last night’s show my emotions were all over the place.

Initially, I was rooting for Denise. She was a different type than who usually played and given she never really created much of a bond with anyone in her alliance, she was the obvious underdog. I wasn’t exactly happy her background came out and the sad truth of what lunch ladies make turned her into looking like a charity case, but I guess when one gets this close to a million dollars, it makes not wanting to go back all the much harder.

Amanda was my next favorite. Though she’s been quiet, I found she is fairly strategic, she’s the one who ousted James which was a great idea (though I did like James a lot). I was hoping she would see she needed to get rid of Todd next. For a second, I thought she would, the show’s stupid editing clearly gave us the hope it might happen, but that must have been a moment from earlier.

Since Denise was gone, Todd could let go of that paranoia finally. I wonder how it would affected him if Denise had won immunity? Todd’s insistence to the camera that he would never have voted off Amanda flies in the face of what he said in the last episode, telling Courtney and Denise that Amanda could be next, but I guess now he’s saying he was lying for Denise’s benefit.

Finally Courtney made up the final three, and out of them she was the one I wanted to win least. Her rude comments about Denise’s life aside, Courtney probably isn’t that much of a bitch if you take away her New York attitude as well as “Know it all” age that she is. As much as I dislike her, I do have to give her credit for making it this far. Someone mentioned that how skinny she is (whether it’s anorexic or not), Courtney is probably the person who could survive the longest without food. It’s just she had no strength to get her through challenges (except notably the one she did won, for simply sitting on a log, she wore like a Nobel Peace Prize).

Final Tribal Council ran a lot smoother than in past seasons. Jamie attempted to draw up trouble, usually the first person on the jury always does…sitting around thinking about their gameplay and others all this time sort of feeds them for it. P. G. was too bitter for me. I was respecting her up to the end, she won a lot more immunities I thought possible from her, but at the same time there were plenty of times she could have been voted off and was expected to be, so stop acting like these people owed you something. James was sweet as expected (he really is a teddy bear, isn’t he?) and John Robert was actually funny finally. Todd’s answer to his question was totally pandering but yet the type like J. R. falls for that. If Todd became a poker player, he could run circles around J. R. I’m sure.

Amanda’s answering of the questions didn’t come through the way I hoped, and Courtney managed to score more votes than her, but Todd ultimately did the best and won. I wasn’t exactly wanting him to win but I must admit he did a great job strategizing. I forgot he had been studying the game for awhile now. I noticed his family was there for his win, if the rumors that he was estranged due to his “lifestyle”, it’s funny how a million dollars can help mend bridges.

The reunion basically become the James and Denise show, which was OK by me because I like both of them, though again, I wish Denise didn’t have such a hard time in life. Glad Mark Burnett grinch like heart allowed him to give her some money and who would have thought it possible for a mullet to be romantic? Clearly her story inspired Todd to grow his own.

And with the WGA strike still going on, both Survivor and Big Brother will premier in a couple of months.


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