What I asked for…

So today we finally get over bad!sex for Chick. Actually today we had an episode where two likable couples have sex, sadly they are both mostly off screen.

Steve and Kayla, I must confess, I can only take so much baby talk. It’s really getting on overkill. I was hoping the story of Pocket was to pacify this maternal baby need in Kayla while simultaneously giving the extreme fans of the couple a chance to see Steve taking care of a baby again. Instead it’s just forced the story to the holidays and it bothers me that Steve would be hesitant in any form to make love to his wife. Ever.

That said, SN and MBE do bring it every day and something about MBE sans makeup in bed grinning at SN just fills my heart so much. Also, Steve being embarrassed that their daughter would imagine them “doing it” is too cute and makes almost wish he could get another chance to be a father from beginning to end. Course, I did say almost, didn’t I?

Now for Chick. So many good things on this episode with them. Nick ignoring Max’s advice (thank God) and taking things into his own hands is a breath of fresh air. Though we haven’t seen that much of Nick since the sorority story started, I guess that was the point. From his point of view, he’s been edged out of Chelsea’s life with what he deems is the typical life of a sorority gal and he does what he does best. He kisses her. (Hee!)

Chelsea is moved and talks to him privately about Ford missing. Course she doesn’t tell him the whole truth and Little Miss Honesty* lies so well Sami would be extremely proud. Hell, I’d almost believe her if I hadn’t seen the body of Ford lying on that pretty hardwood floor of the sorority house two weeks ago.

That said, it’s unclear whether Chelsea decides to ask Nick to stay because she’s moved by what he said, wanting him badly or simply wanting to get her mind off Ford (I want to believe it’s the former) but the good news is they manage to complete the act and Chelsea seems to be positively thrilled about their performance. Hearing Chelsea calling out to the geeky boy to return to her is thrilling for me, as well as she turning down champagne and simply needing him. I have one thing for Days I can cross of my list.

So why am I disappointed? I am a little. I wanted a real love scene dammit. Back in June when bad!sex happened, I could have lived with today’s scene and been completely pacified but that’s not what happened. Nick had been deballifed and Stephanie accused Chelsea of wanting Jett. It was so horrifying and so UNROMANTIC it was getting to where I didn’t really want them to show up onscreen.

Also, what was the point of Nick and Chelsea to have bad!sex if a bigger deal wasn’t made of them getting it right? It reminds me of Nick sleeping with Billie, there wasn’t much point to that either other than the outcome of Chelsea being grossed out (thereby leading to bad!sex months later) and it worries me that a soap which has managed to unleash classic supercouples to the world like Doug/Julie, Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla, and Jennifer/Emilio (kidding, just kidding) has really lost it’s handle on how to write an effective falling in love story for a couple that is loaded with chemistry. Even with the mistake of having Nick sleep with Billie, it wasn’t too late, hell, Doug MARRIED Julie’s mother and together they had Hope making Julie become both sister and step mom.

But I can almost fanwank anything can’t I? Today I’m going to insist the reason of allowing Chick to experience some typical soap opera sex is because it’s time for a shift of power in this relationship. Up until now, Chelsea has always been in control. She’s always had power over Nick. Now that Nick can feel confident he properly satisfied Chelsea, as well as Chelsea wanting Nick completely now, we can hope their relationship will become more equal and Chelsea will have more to lose than he does.  For Nick to be the moral compass in this story as I want him to be, he’s got to be willing to walk away from Chelsea while she needs to be willing not to let him go.

*Taken from Paxton from TWoP

4 thoughts on “What I asked for…

  1. Sigh, I’m with you.

    Now that I’ve gotten over my initial disappointment (luckily disappointment that Chelsea did not share, hee), I am mostly happy that Chick got to have good sex. And there were some really cute moments that BB and RM made the most of.

    I would love to see the power shift, and let’s hope Nick will finally get to the be moral compass that I’ve been wanting him to be from the beginning.

  2. Yes, I was just like you. Initially I was very disappointed but as time went on and it all sunk in, I realized the benefits outweighed the costs. I still probably will send in a letter to the show (though without writers around, I wonder if there is more of a chance for it to be overlooked) but for now I will take what little rewards we are given with this couple that the show chooses to consider more of an afterthought.

    Now, I hope we get to see Chelsea now really wanting to desiring Nick, at lease hopefully over the holidays with the Christmas episode.

  3. There is nothing more romantic/soapy to me than a story where one party is willing to give up EVERYTHING to be with the other person, because they love them that much. I want Chelsea to put her entire future on the line for Nick. Nick has always been the moral compass and when (not if!) he learns the truth, I see him being FURIOUS at first, that she would even attempt this, then that in his mind she didn’t “love him enough” or “trust him enough” to tell him the truth. Then perhaps in his frustration, he is going to give her an ultimatum. At first Chelsea will respond badly to that, maybe walk out on him? Soon after, she will realize that Nick was right and she needs to do this to make peace w/ the Ford situation, as well as get Nick back in her life.

    WOAH I got on a little tangent didn’t I? lol. My impression of the bad! sex was that, similar to the Billie thing, it was a lame stunt that the writers soon glossed over. Sheffer has never been good with follow-through of storylines anyway, and his teen storylines are lame. So I’ve come to expect that. I was almost satisfied with yesterday’s Chick stuff IF I didn’t think about Ford. But I still want MORE. I was just starting to get into it when Chelsea sat on Nick’s lap on the bed… then BAM it was over, lol. Why do we never get to see them *doing* anything?

  4. Yes you did Nat.

    Sheffer has dropped the ball on follow up stuff, I agree. I just wish we had gotten a real love scene with them, especially after having to endure bad!sex which is unheard of on soaps (that doesn’t include Jett pimping, Nick’s no balls, endless blackmail and Chelsea’s Sybil routine).

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