TV’s Favorite Christmas Moments

So it’s Christmas Eve! I must share some favorite Christmas moments on TV, past and present.

Days of our Lives: My first Christmas with Days was the 1988 version. This is the year that Steve and Kayla were exceptionally happy (taking care of Benjy Dimera, RIP 2007) and one of the years Drake was Roman. It was discovered that Shane Donovan had a choice to rescue Roman from Stefano’s island but chose instead to rescue his own brother, the evil Drew. Talk about awkward when everyone gathered at the Brady’s. But Steve awesomely gives a big speech about the awful things he had done in his past which were overlooked and how he knew better than anyone trying to put a brother first can hurt others.

Honorable Mention: Christmas in 2006. The part where Chelsea can’t quite hang up her ornament and Hope helps her puts me to tears as well as knowing that Steve and Kayla were finally reunited.

The Office: From the second season. When it was time to play Secret Santa, Jim manages to pull Pam’s name and gets her a teapot along with mementos (ie, inside jokes) items inside. He’s also inspired to write up a card that tells her his feelings for her but naturally when it’s time to give gifts to each other, it’s revealed Michael went overboard and bought a over the limit iPod and is furious no one matched the same level. So he then turns the game into dirty santa where people can steal other gifts and when it’s time for Pam to pick, she naturally picks the iPod, ultimately giving it. It’s clear however that her original gift was from Jim (ultimately going to Dwight of all people) and she winds up trading for it. Jim is relieved but grabs the card before Pam can see it.

Facts of Life: I used to love this show. (Shut up). Most fans favorite character was Jo, and I did love her, but my favorite was Blair. As many know, I love the Chelsea/Nick romance on Days because of the bad girl dynamic, Blair was the PG version of that. She was snotty and spoiled and vain and bratty, but she did have a heart underneath. The following clip is an episode where Blair had arranged to do a Christmas pageant for what she thought was an orphanage but turned out to be a real prison. Horrified, she and her rich friends canceled the show but of course, Mrs. G and the girls would have none of that. They put on a show for the inmates while Blair watched. When they ran out songs, naturally Blair was moved to sing to the guys (and yes, I realize it’s cheesy and completely unrealistic but I was a teenager at the time).

Lois and Clark: The second season Christmas episode was written/directed by Dean Cain (I forget which) and was horrible. Something about toy rats which set off a gas that brought the children out of people which even Clark wasn’t immune. However the ending well made up for it, Lois had invited her friends (which is like four people) to her apartment for a big Christmas dinner*. Everybody was too busy but Lois dressed up anyway and had the food all layed out, hoping Superman would come. Just when she believes she will be alone on Christmas, Clark shows up. It’s a great bonding moment for these two with the Christmas tree in the background complete with actual star that Clark/Superman picked up for her.

*Note: The ongoing joke of Lois never being able to cook was suspended here.

Friends: In the episode where Phoebe and Rachel talk Chandler into hunting the apartment for Monica’s Christmas gifts to them, comes my favorite line from this show of all time. Whenever someone wants to talk me into not “spoiling” myself in the heart of peeking at gifts someone gets them, I utter this right back to them:

So MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! May your television TV give you all the holiday cheer you require!


3 thoughts on “TV’s Favorite Christmas Moments

  1. Last year’s Days Christmas was a good one. I teared up a little bit when Hope helped Chelsea with the ornament. I didn’t get the Steve/Kayla/Clay Aiken love, but the Horton Christmas always gets me.

  2. The Hope and Chelsea thing totally got to me as I didn’t see it coming.

    The Clay Aiken thing was kind of funny, though I’m not a fan at all. I think I enjoyed it merely for the fact that it was Steve who completely lost it with the tears listening to the sappy song. Hee.

  3. Good picks! I have to say though, I didn’t like Jo on TFOL and she was always quite butch, LOL. My favorite was Natalie because we both had the same name and were slightly awkward chubby girls 😛 I have a question for you about Heroes episodes, I PM’ed it to you on the Chick board.

    Merry Christmas.

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